Paul Immigrations Reviews: Permanent Residency in Singapore

Permanent Residency in Singapore | Paul Immigrations Reviews
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Paul Immigrations Reviews: Permanent Residency in Singapore

If there is another Asian country I would be happy to live on a long time , that would be Singapore.  I’ve been there a couple of times and I am in love with the dynamic and diverse lifestyle there.

Why immigrate to Singapore?

A survey with expats done in 2019 by one of the biggest banks in the world HSBC has placed Singapore as one of the best places to live in Asia.  The have been ranked the best country in the world to live and work in for four consecutive years before Switzerland gained the top place in 2019.

The reason foreigners love to work and live there is because of the quality of life. The survey has found out that foreigners “feel safer and more secure” in there and believe the country has very clean public spaces.

The city-state was also ranked by the same survey as having an excellent education system and a good place to raise kids because of the fluency of the country in different languages. 

I have a lot of friends working and living in the country for years now.  They love the country for the things I mentioned above , plus it is just 3 and a half hours away from the Philippines. 

As Filipino citizens, we can get a tourist visa upon arriving at the Singapore airport but it is only good for short term stay or a visit. 

Being an open country,  80% of the countries around the world can visit Singapore without a visa.  They can stay for 30 to 90 days depending on your nationality. But, if you want to stay longer without having to renew a work visa, then you have to apply for a Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) Visa a.k.a. a SPR.


How to Apply for a Permanent Residency in Singapore?

You can apply on your own but it will take you a lot of time and effort.  The best way is to hire some professionals who can handle your application in the most precise and professional manner.  Here’s where you can use the Paul Immigrations’ service. They are known to have helped foreigners of Singapore live, work and study there permanently. They have been in the immigration service industry for about 6 years and have helped more than 15,000 satisfied clients worldwide. 

Permanent Residency in Singapore | Paul Immigrations Reviews

Six Step Process: Paul Immigrations Reviews


  • STEP 1

To be able to avail of their service you will need to schedule a call with one of their Immigration Consultant (IC) who will conduct a phone interview with you. The phone call with the IC is to assess your eligibility to apply for the 

They will determine if you have an existing work pass or not.  They would want to know if you have family ties with any Citizens or Permanent Residence or already fed application in the past.  Make sure to be very honest with your answers.

The phone interview will also verify your age and length of Stay in the city-state (if you are there), your salary and other important personal information.

You may check out more information on eligibility criteria of applying with Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).


  • STEP 2

You will have an in-person meeting with the Immigration Consultant (IC) from the consultancy. In this meeting the IC will inform you if you are qualified and gauge if you have a high chance of approval based on what you talked about over the phone.  They will also verify the work pass or any documents you have .

The meeting is also to formalize you getting the service of the firm which will assist in processing everything you need to get your Permanent Residency approved. 


  • STEP 3

If you agree to use their service you will be endorsed to an Immigration Specialist (IS) where you will submit all documents needed to process your application.

You can submit in person or scan the documents and send via email to the IS assigned to you.

Some of the documents you need to submit will include an audited form and some compulsory documents to supplement your social status and such. You IS will detail everything you need to submit personally or via email.

As soon as all documents are complete,t you will be advised if everything satisfies the listed PR criteria and requirements as stated by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).


  •  STEP 4

This is the last you can relax while IS prepares and crafts your cover letters and fill-up your forms.

The cover letter helps to reinforce your commitment to the nation’s community and society.  


  • STEP 5

After the client’s PR application is filled-up, IS will proceed to guide you with the submission of the application remotely or will schedule an in-person meeting where you would be personally assisted in the submission of the application. 

Steps 2 to 5 will take an average of one to two months.


  • STEP 6

Patiently wait for the result. Each application would take about four to six months to be assessed by ICA. Your IS will inform you of the outcome of your application if it is approved or rejected. 


How much will you spend? 

Based on the ICA website , each applicant  needs to pay a non-refundable S$100 processing fee upon submission of their PR application.

If your application is successful, you will need to pay the following fees for each applicant:

  • If you submitted a PR before 2017 December you will have to pay S$100 for Entry Permit 
  • If you submitted from December 18, 2017 onwards a fee of S$20 for Entry Permit will be collected 
  • If you need a 5-year Re-Entry Permit you need to pay S$50 for Identity Card
  • If you are a foreigner who require entry Visa they need to pay S$30 per Entry Visa

Paul Immigrations charges a very competitive rate compared to other immigration consultancy firms you may want to consider help you with your application.

But what they can assure you is a higher success rate when it comes to approval. That is why they hold Step 1 first before anything else.  This is to ensure that a client they will take in is eligible and will not waste anybody’s time and money. Some immigration services will not consider doing Step 1 and just take in any client to the dismay of everyone.

The consultancy doesn’t want to give false hope. So you should take advantage of Step 1 or the telephone interview with their IC before taking the leap.

They will be with you all throughout the entire process once they find you are eligible and you are committed to doing this.  You may consult with them anytime with your concern while they handle your application.  

Permanent Residency in Singapore | Paul Immigrations Reviews

If you’ve read until the end of this post, it means you are dead serious about migrating to Singapore.  I do hope you learned a lot from this and let me know if you availed of Paul Immigrations’ services.  

Good luck!

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