My good friend Yoyah Quizan of Eventually invited me to the special screening for the youth of Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla movie Tum: My Pledge of Love last Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at the SM Centerpoint in Sta. Mesa.

TUM means Ikaw, basically a Romance movie that is somewhat similar to the real life whirlwind romance of Robin and Mariel. But no this is not a documentary movie. Its a movie that spells-out the cliche Love transcends religion.

Basically the movie shows how one can break from the norm of religion, tradition and cultures when in love and that people should always make peace and love not war.

Technically, the movie was not that superb, but for a first time director, I can say Robin Padilla did a good job, a little more practice can hone his skills though. There were off-the-frame and blurry shots and some dubbing didn’t event match in some point. There were outstanding shots and I’d say I was definitely entertained by the Bollywood dance nearing the end of the film!

Costumes and make-up was great and editing was good! About 92% of the movie was shot in India and the rest was in the Philippines.

If you are an avid fan of Robin Padilla , want to see how its difficult to fall in love with someone with a different religion especially with Muslims and if you want to see how truly, madly , deeply taken Mariel is with Robin watch this movie.

Tum: My Pledge of Love will be showing in Philippine Cinemas on April 6, 2011. Watch TUM full trailer here:

My best friend Rachel, Me and Yoyah fooling around at the photo booth during the screening.

Mariel and Robin at the photo booth!

I’m still waiting for my pix with the couple haha!

Stay gorgeous eveyrone!


  1. We r waiting for the dvd of this film dito sa US
    or if it will be available on demand. I am very sure maganda eto they r very beautiful couple I watched all their shows na together sila cuz they have the chemistry i hope available very soon.

  2. they are so sweet and inlove ,bagay na bagay sila talaga …goodluck both of u mr.and mrs.padilla , best wishes

  3. they are cool couples let them happy ,they have right to be happy and inlove each other….they are created by god like us feel them free to be happy…they are falling inlove to each other…

  4. Awwww! really? haha kewl… the movie has a nice message and deserves to be seen I think there is a part 2 ahahaha!

  5. Mariel tweeted about this post 😛 I saw one of the trailers and i was a bit disappointed with the dance number (Awitin mo at isasayaw ko), but the other trailers are ok. I am willing to watch this film not thinking a real-life couple leads the movie.

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