My The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

I won’t go along telling you spoilers or juicy details about the movie but this I will tell you, The Dark Knight Rises is an epic! I’m so grateful to be a part of the first few to watch The Dark Knight Rises advanced screening held tonight, July 18, 2012 at the SM MOA IMAX Theater! We as usual were the first to see it, even U.S. people haven’t.

All I can say is that aside from Batman redeeming himself in the movie, ergo the title, this movie also tells us how a Robin came about.

at The Dark Knight Rises movoe premiere

The movie was 2 hours and 45 minutes long and was rated PG13 by the MTRCB. Each scene was breath-taking you won’t even dare talk to your movie date because you want to take in all that you can about the movie. TDKR movie is very dark and heavy people in the cinema were all so quiet! Even if punchlines were thrown and it was funny, people in the cinema kept silent and still, keeping to themselves whatever plot or conclusion they have in mind involving all the characters in themovie.

Anne Hathaway was a good choice as Selena Kyle, she did the role so well and wow I think she deserves to be commended here! Christian Bale was.awesome he looked better in the suit though! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the character you shoukd also keep your eyes on!

The Dark Knight Rises

I love it! You should watch! If you can watch more than once, The Dark Knight Rises is that good. Showing starts today at all cinemas nationwide released by Warner Bros. and screenings at SM IMAX Theaters will be 24/7 starting today give everyone the chance to see the best IMAX movie ever shown yet!

I wanna share.some juicy details but maybe after a few days after TDKR is shown worldwide so we can exchange stories!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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