New! UV Gel Nail Polish by Jennifer Lynn Professionals

UV Gel Nail Colour, two amazing beauty components I never thought I’d see together but I did.

Who made it possible? Who else but Jennifer Lynn Professional straight from the U.S.A!

Jennifer Lynn is an amazing Professional line of UV gel polish that goes on like polish, dries in 30 seconds, and stays shiny for the entire length of time between manicures.


I was able to get tinker with the polishes in person this morning:

What I notice first was the bottle! Its black!

Lyann from Jennifer Lynn Professional told me that they intentionally made the bottles black to keep the polishes last longer. With the black wrappings in the bottle the Jennifer Lynn Proffessionals UV Nail Colour can last up to 2 years compared to the 1 year shelf  life of other nail polishes out there.

It comes in 40 different shades!

I was suppose to have a nail treatment using these gel nail polishes this morning at Salon de Timog where this signage can be seen

But, Salon de Timog was jam packed as always, and I was in a rush to fetch my daughter from her school so I only had time to tinker with the polishes!

This was the color chart that is mostly preferred by the Salon de Ning customers:

This is their latest color chart where I see the shade I want to try out.

I haven’t tried any gel nail polish before so I’m excited for my nail treat using the Jennifer Lynn Professionals UV Gel Nail Polish soon!

How about you, have you tried any gel polish before? How was it?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I havent tried gel nail polish but i like the idea that it dries out quickly mostly if i’m on a rush

  2. its really great. no kidding. I encountered it by chance. I went to nail files in katip. I was really in a hurry for a mani because I had a job interview. Una, the girl offered the usual polishes. Then I asked her, do you have something that doesnt chip because its really important that my nails were still intact the next day. That was the only time she brought them out. I was even skeptical at first and I asked so many questions about it. Finally I gave in. It was worth a try. Its been a week since, and Ive washed so many dishes already. My nails are still in great condition. hasnt chipped so far. However, it doesnt come off with acetone so you have to ask them to remove it. doesnt leave a yellow stain either. a bit pricey nga lang. but worth it in the long term.

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