Shu Uemura Color Atelier Event

Despite not feeling so well because of an upset stomach, I went to Power Plant Mall at Rockwell to attend the launch of the Shu Uemura Color Atelier here in the Philippines and I’m glad I did because I hit two birds in one stone:

  1. I got my own Color Atelier Palette
  2. I met the master of eyebrows who can create the magazine/covergirl worthy eyebrows (but that’s another story!)

Back to the Color Atelier
The Color Atelier by Shu Uemura boasts 65 new shades of pressed eye shadows (Php695.00 each) and 28 new shades of glow on/blusher (Php1095.00 each)


The new eye shadows are also available in 5 different textures

  1. Matte (M) a velvety and smooth matte color
  2. Pearl (P) silky reflection of light with luminous look
  3. Iridescent (IR) the reflection changing color tone from different angles
  4. Metallic (ME) smooth like liquid with a metallic glow
  5. Glitters (G) plentiful glitters for splendid sparkles

The Palette
I love its environmental friendly nature because its refillable, re-usable, and a sustainable palette that allows you to customize its contents according to your personality or the look you want to put on.


Its available in three sizes:

  1. Mono Case for a single eye shadow at Php450.00
  2. Duo Case for 2 eye shadow or 1 glow on at Php 500.00
  3. Quad Case for 4 eye shadow or 2 eye shadow and 1 glow on or 2 glow ons at Php 1095.00

I got the quad case and I filled it up with 4 eye shadows that are all matte and vivid colors! Vivid Blue, Vivid Yellow, Vivid Red, and Vivid Green!



If you have time check out the Color Atelier at Shu Uemura and I bet you want to get all the colors and enjoy looking around the store for other makeup goodies!

Stay gorgeous everyone

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  1. Kingking! Will blog about the eyebrow pencil soon with videos pa! promise! hahaha ! I’m so bold daw with the colors I picked!

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