Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Questions Ask Dr. Belo

Is there a beauty and cosmetic surgery questions you have in mind that you want to ask an expert?  Well, here’s your chance.
The “Doctor to the Stars” is in and she will be available to answer all your beauty and cosmetic surgery questions.  Dr. Vicky Belo’s Ask Dr. Belo live streaming shown is on!
Ask Dr. Belo is a 30-minute live streaming show right that can be accessed via the Belo website!

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The show will be live on July 14, 2011 at 7PM. Bookmark now and come back on that day and click the Ask Dr. Belo that will take you to the livestream.
For your questions simply type in your question/s on the social streaming using your Facebook or Twitter account in the chat box.
Stay tuned for the 8:00pm show and get the chance to have Dr.Belo answer your question!  If a duplicate question is asked the first question will count.
But wait there’s more, somebody who asked a question and Dr. Belo answered will get a chance to win Belo Gift Certificates!  So stay bookmark the site now and and  tune in to the first ever online Q&A show by Belo!
I think its gonna be fun!  Just like the name that Vajayjay machine Twitter contest!
Stay gorgeous everyone!
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