Ask Dr. Belo About Cosmetic Surgery

Want a boob job? A nose lift? Or want those eye bags removed but have some lingering questions in mind about the entire procedure? Well, ask the expert about it!

Dr.Vicky Belo will be having her second podcast tomorrow night with guest Krystal Henares and Ruffa Gutierrez!

Ready all your questions and grab this very special opportunity to ask Dr. Belo herself as she will be answering your questions on a 30-minute live streaming show right on the Belo website.

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To join the Ask Dr. Belo podcast:
1. On August 18 at 7:00pm, go to and click on the “Ask Dr. Belo” button.
2. Type in your question/s on the chat box.
3. Stay tuned for the 8:00pm show and get the chance to have Dr.Belo answer your question!*

*should there be duplication of questions, we will pick the first person who submitted on the chat box! 🙂

Not only do you have the opportunity to have Dr. Belo answer your question, you also get the chance to win Belo Gift Certificates! If your question was picked!

Go go go! Ask Dr. Belo it won’t hurt!

Stay gorgeous everyone!



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  1. if you want to ask questions na hindi realtime, you can always go to their FB fanpage at sna may may repeat toh

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