Nail Whitening Treatment

I can’t remember when was the last time I went bare with my nails. Because of that my nails are now very fragile and yellow because of all the nail polish remover and nail polish I put on it day or night. I wanted to give my nails a break but I hate its unhealthy yellowish color, I rather hide it with another nail polish color than reveal my yellowish nails. Thanks to the friendly and quiet but helpful nail technicians at Posh Nails. I discovered a new nail treatment that will lessen the yellowness of my nails – nail whitening/ nail bleaching.

The nail whitening procedure is done just after the nail cleaning / manicure or pedicure.  They put the nail whitening cream on your nails and keep it there for 5 minutes while your nails are wrapped in hot towel.  After 5 minutes they will remove the nail whitening cream using a hot towel and viola!  Nails are far much better looking than before!

I’ve only heard of this treatment at Posh Nails I am not sure if it is offered in other nail salons.  Nail whitening treatment will cause you an extra Php100.00 on your manicure or pedicure service or Php200.00 if you want both.  Try it out now if you want your nails revived.
Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I use one very good therapy for soft and nice nails on the legs. Every evening I wash my legs feet with hot water, than dry them carefully with soft terry printed towel and put cream or oil on them. Than I put socks and sleep with them the whole night. The result is amazing.

  2. Oh where is that? The place looks so cute. It looks more of a little girl’s room than a nail salon. I got envious towards you so I guess I have to give my nails some treatments also. 🙂

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