Bag Spa!

I’m not into designer handbags because:

  1. I can’t afford them
  2. even if I can afford them I cringe about the thought of spending so much for a handbag which is almost equal to a second hand car or an awesome gadget or more than my daughter’s tuition fee and therapy fee combined!
  3. I support local brands more than anything else
  4. I don’t buy expensive things I want, I only buy things I need
  5. the price is so oppressive
  6. I’m bad at taking care of my handbags so I’ll be wasting my “investment?” if I purchase one.

Why am I telling you all this?  Well, I will be attending an amazing Private bag spa event tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it.  It will be definitely useful to all the bag lovers out there who would like to know their options for their bag care and other options other than going abroad  for their bag restoration and a quick fix.

The event is hosted by Purse Prime and they had a Facebook promo for bag lovers to get invites to the bagsparty!

I take mine at Mr. Quickie because I only own local and inexpensive brand handbags.

Some bagaholic blogger friends will be joining me to the event, I asked Ms. L.A. of Clothing Not An Option to include them on the list since they own super expensive designer handbags Jehann of DailyFashionWeather owns a lot!, Michelle of Mrs. Matinez just bought another LV in HK and Angela of Lush Angel is a bag addict herself.   I’m sure they will love it and I love to see Jehann’s wide smile and big eyes with all the designer handbag fest at the event!

I hope they won’t throw me away at the event venue for  bringing a Php200.00 satchel and wear my equestrian riding apparel at the bag spa event! Haha!

How about you, where do you take your handbags for a quick fix and or restoration? Have you ever thought of a bag spa ever?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. All my bags are from Divisoria or from an SM or Forever 21 Sale. :)) Designer handbags are for people who can afford it, kaya I go for the next best thing nalang. :))

  2. Um your bag is just as lovely as any designer bag! And yes, just like you I think I’m on both sides of the fence! hahaha :p Nice seeing you again! Yehey! 😀

  3. I too cringe when I see the price of those really expensive bags. I’d rather buy something affordable but nice looking and shop for other things that I really need like gadgets.

  4. Mr.Quickie is still the best quick fix. =)

    Looking at Purse Prime’s product I can buy a new local brand bag. =))

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