Best Place to Watch the 9th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2018 #9THMOAPIPC

Best place to watch the 9the pyromusical

Last February 17,2018 was the first day of the 9th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition #9thMOAPIPC where Philippines and Switzerland opened the show with their fireworks extravaganza entries.  We were able to book one of the best place to watch the Pyromusical as it happens and we were able to do it without having to biy tickets from the show organizer themselves who offer viewing only tickets for Php600 or VIP for Php1000 to Patron with buffet dinner for Php1600.

This is a hack that the Pyromusical organizers may not like but for practical and wise consumers like me,  I want the best offer at the best price. The hack we found out was to book a restaurant at one of the veranda restaurants at Conrad S Maison Mall.  Table reservations are per person basis and are consumable.

There are a wide choices of restaurants in the area offering different kind of cusine from Japanese, Italian,  Chinese, Mediterranean nd American.  Because we were craving for ramen we booked a table at Uma Uma.   For Php700 per person,  you get to go out the veranda and watch the Pyromusical show as it happens and partake on any of the food choices offered at Uma Uma.  Yup,  rate is consumable !

Best place to watch the 9th pyromusical competition

Why we opted to dine in at a veranda restaurant at S Maison is because we are not so sure about the buffet from Pyromusical organizers themselves. We wamted to eat something we will really like and we cam take out if we cant consume everything.  Plus with my daughter and mom who are very picky with their food , having them get a buffet is not a wise choice.

Here  is just some of the food we had:

best place to watch pyromusical show

Please watch the video below to see our entire experience booking a restaurant at S Maison and having the best place to view the 9th Pyromusical:

All photos and videos were taken using smartphones only,  imagine how better my shots would be with my new slr . Can’t wait for March !

Stay gorgeous everyone !

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