Fully Booked Was Over Booked For Blogapalooza 1

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Fully Booked Was Over Booked For Blogapalooza 1

Yup, you read that right Blogapalooza 1.  It looks like there’s gonna be a series of this because there’s just many bloggers and businesses who wants to mingle.

Fully Booked at BGC in Taguig was overbooked yesterday, there was about 150 bloggers who attended and 50 businesses there.  It was a riot out there and it made me confused for a bit.

Put 200 people in one place and expect it to be wild!


I wasn’t able to mingle with all the 50 businesses or all the 150 blogger attendees but I was glad to see blogger friends I haven’t seen in awhile and met new ones that I hope I’ll get to see some other time.

Blogger friends
Fashion Bloggers
Mommy Bloggers
IMAG1962 IMAG2038IMAG1965

There were a couple of business presenters/ sponsors in the event that caught my interest and I am planning to get them more soon and use the freebies they included in our swags.

I want to do a photo shoot with The Boudoir Dolls because like actors and actresses you need to mature in your roles sometime and I think doing a shoot will be fun!  Its one of my to do list, a daring but classy shoot! Yehbah!


Polecats! I’ve been dying to do Pole dancing and I will make sure to make time for this.  I want to be able to lift myself on that pole and do those butterfly poses and other stuff that beautiful lady at the event!

I’ll be dropping by Size Matters soon.  Being a burger lover and a believer that SIZE MATTERS, I want to try all those huge yummy burgers they have.  The Hungarian Burger and the Footlong Hungarian Sausage I tried yesterday was delish and I want more!
Shopinas was impressive as they prove to be one of the online shopping site that I heard so far who verifies their sellers.  Asking proof of identity and other pertinent documents will definitely give buyers a guarantee that they are doing business with a legit one.
Treehugger is such a winner!  Recyclable Earth Friendly company who makes pens out of corn and cartons.  Each pen you buy saves the environment!  Great Job!

I learned something new from Unilever about knowing if your hair is damaged or not.  Get a balloon and place it near your hair/head if the hair sticks to the balloon it means you got damaged hair!  Kewl eh?    This was their presentation for Sunsilk.

Then there’s peeps from Golden ABC especially for their brands Regatta, Memo and For Me.  They showed us their latest campaigns for their brands.

How can I forget HTC peeps who informed us that the HTC Sensation, my phone, among the many feature it has, is scratch proof and shockproof! What a relief to know! I love HTC more! Yay!

Farmer John the latest potato chips products from Leslie! I so love potato chips!  When my sister saw my bagful of Farmer John  “there’s enough to satisfy your potato chip vice”  Damn right!
Chana told us about their latest vans and trucks.  They even provided pickup and drop-off for Blogapalooza attendees.
Laser Tag Extreme who started off their presentation with an MI soundtrack and a small later tag game.

Paul Calvin’s Deli, Papa Johns, Healthy First who provided us food and drinks.

Fashion Fart who invited fashion bloggers and any bloggers whose interested in holding photo shoot in their very posh and artistic studio!

Who else was there,… ok there was Orlyspa who makes products from Ryce, Blue Water Day spa who showed us Spa Etiquette 101,  Sofitel Luxury Hotel who will be hosting a blogger contest soon,  Aquabest who showed us that Shift Matters!  Phiten and their sports and healthy buff products ,  Pocholo Gonzalez entertained us with his voice acting for Creati Voices.  Tripology who showcased and gave away some of their lovely luggage.  Freestyle Ballers and their kewl baller bands.

Then there’s Lay Bare, Galileo,   360 Fitness,  Human Nature, Sparkle Salon, Matabungkay Beach Resort,  who provided gifts in our loot bags.  Phew!

IMAG1984Kudos to Vince of When in Manila and to Francis of Blue Water Day Spa who spearheaded the 1st ever Blogapalooza.  They admitted they were overwhelmed with the number of bloggers and businesses that they don’t know how to go about it anymore, ergo expect another one soon for those who were not able to make it yesterday.

Uhmm my abs and arms were kinda sore for trying to lift myself on the pole yesterday!  See you at the next Blogapalooza?



Stay gorgeous everyone!

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18 thoughts on “Fully Booked Was Over Booked For Blogapalooza 1

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of freebie! Ang dami palang bloggers sa Manila lang yan ah! I wish I can attend an event like this someday.

  2. hahaha! nice to meet you too Nica! 🙂 ok lang un sa harap maingay sa likod eh hahahaha!

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