Another Belo Beautiful Night & How We’ll Look Like If We Don’t Trust Belo!

It was the first time I went out of the house after being on house arrest for more than a week because of my right foot injury.  Wednesday was what Metro Manila fashion bloggers called the “National Events Day” .  Why?  Because events that day were flooding one after another that started as early as 10am!

Anyway,  I only went to two events that day, I don’t want to push my luck!  I went to the launch of Freeway National Artist Collectors Series launch featuring Vicente Manansala our National Artist for Visual Arts and of course to the Belo Beaututiful Bloggers night.  A very fun, intimate event that bloggers like Chuvaness and Fashion Police are always present!


Albert Martinez and ZsaZsa Padilla was present for this Belo Bloggers Night (the second of a many series!) and they talked about their favorite treatment from the Belo Medical Group.

Like what I twitted that day, I can’t believe Albert Martinez is 51 with his super yummy 6 pack abs that he said he never had when he was younger.  I can’t believe that ZsaZsa Padilla is 47, she still looks so young and fresh and hot with that sexy body comparable to the sexy young stars today.  And my oh my!  She doesn’t have wrinkles!  Gosh!  What’s their secret and their favorite Belo treatment?  I’ll tell you soon on my next posts!

Sorry this picture doesn’t do them any justice, but I swear they look soooo good!

As always, I don’t have pictures with them, yes, there are moments I don’t go camwhoring.  I was in fan mode and I turn cold feet when I see people I like, a lot!   Plus the fact that I was late and Albert and ZsaZsa are both tired from a previous event with the traditional lifestyle media people.    I don’t even have a pic with the beautiful belo bloggers with me that day, we were only 8) because we were busy eating and having fun chizmackering!

Of course, Dra. Vicky Belo is always present at these events and she is like our professor teaching us about her latest discovery and treatments available at Belo Medical Clinic!  I love her demos too! She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty popping a balloon in front of us!  I also love her chikka regarding who’s the celebrity got what kind of treatments from Belo! Juicy chizmackers!

I also enjoyed the ice breaker game they had for us.  The game was  how we will all look like if we don’t take care of our skin and bodies (and if we don’t trust Belo)   Kidding!  The game was guess who is the blogger and Shen won the game!

Anyway I wanna show you what Belo did and how we will look if we don’t trust Belo! Hahahaha!

The Fashion Police

Daphne Osnea

Lisa Kahayon





Ohmaygesh! I’m so fanget! Hahahaha! Seriously I don’t wanna die looking like that! Thank God for Dra. Vicky Belo because she will take care of my skin and body! Hahaha! Merry Christmas! (wink wink! haha!)

In my next Belo post I’ll show you the top 3 favorite treatments of Albert Martinez and ZsaZsa Padilla and their secret to looking oh so young and yummy at their age!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. kahit 51 na sya….ang fit and gwapo pa din nya…nakakatuwa, very wise of Belo to choose him as an endorser=)

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