Contest Alert: Win a Feiyue A.S Sneakers Collection Guess the ‘Attack of the Werewolf’

Update: Winner is comment #5 trisha with email [email protected] please reply with your shipping address, shoe size and contact number. Thank you.


In my recent post, I introduced to you Feiyue’s 5th and latest collection, the A.S. Sneakers Collection.  I also told you about giving away a pair.  So here is how you can win them!

“In a moonlit night, a young girl finds herself lost in the middle of a forest. Two electric blue eyes look at her through the fog..”

What happens next?
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As a brand, Feiyue remains committed to artistic culture and expressive freedom. This permeates everything we do, and while sneakers remain our primary focus, we’re not afraid to branch out and experiment with other mediums.  It is through collaborations with the artistic community that Feiyue best expresses its passion for blending urban culture With the vintage charm of the brand’s humble founding. It’s This philosophy that has given birth to a diverse community of colleagues and contributors, who continue to make Feiyue the brand it is today.

In 2010, Feiyue contacted two members of ‘SpanKidz’, a collective for artists, filmmakers & graphic designers. Young filmmakers, Julien Vray & Srinath C. Samarasinghe focused on Feiyue’s literal meaning: Flying Forward. The film ‘The Flying Project’ broke all gravitational laws with the featured flying sneakers. Video: 

This season, Feiyue continues its collaboration with ‘SpanKidz’ members, Julien Vray and Srinath C. Samarasinghe to launch a new short film, the “Attack of the Werewolf”. 

“In a moonlit night, a young girl finds herself lost in the middle of a forest. Two electric blue eyes look at her through the fog..”

What happens next?
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Guess the right end to the film, and stand a chance to win the brand new Fall 2011 model, A.S High in Navy red.

Choose the ending among the following:

  • The werewolf will try to steal the cheerleader’s Feiyue sneakers and she will have to fight him back to recover them
  • The pretty cheerleader and the unusually cool werewolf will start a dance battle. The werewolf will finally win given his fancy moon walk move
  • Both the werewolf and the cheerleader will meet at a costume party celebrated in the forest and spend the rest of the night dancing together
  • A full moon will appear on the starry sky and the cheerleader will also turn into a werewolf. She will then disappear into the forest along with the original werewolf
  • The werewolf starts chasing the cheerleader around the forest. When he finally gets her, she realizes he is wearing her favorite pair of Feiyue and falls for him

More information can be found from the Feiyue Asia Facebook page: 


Post your answer in the comment box.

If you choose the right answer you will get the chance to win the Feiyue A.S. Sneakers Navy Blue, Feiyue will be announcing the right answer on October 10, 2011  at their Facebook page.  This contest will end on October 9, 2011 at 12midnight.  If more than two chooses the right answer I will be raffling off the winner via  Feiyue Asia will be responsible for the sending of prizes to the winner.

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Good luck!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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    too bad for me..just learned about this contest huhuhuhu…

  • ELINOR SEMIRA 10/12/2011 at 5:01 pm Reply

    Congrats! ^_^

  • earthlingorgeous 10/12/2011 at 4:55 pm Reply

    My dear gorgeous peeps! correct answer is #1 and the winner is! drumroll. TRISHA! comment #5 PM me for your shipping details and shoe size 🙂

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