Avon Anew Genics Initial Review

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Avon Anew Genics Initial Review

Since my age cannot be seen in the calendar dates anymore, I’ve been embracing all the anti-aging products I come across with. I believe most of them work, the competition lies on what works best for your skin type and condition.

To tell you honestly, I have found my fountain of youth with the Anew Rejuvenate Flash, I swear by it, its my fountain of youth in a blue flask I can take out any time of the day and look younger and glowing like I’m always blooming in love.

Last week, I was invited by Avon in an intimate lunch to talk about their latest discovery, another breakthrough anti-aging product that took 10 years in the making! The new Anew Genics from Avon that promises to make you 10 years younger!


Product Info:
Avon scientist were inspired by genetic research that uncovered a secret to human longevity and found out that the secret is the highly active Youth Gene that can be found in all of us. This Youth Gene is responsible in keeping cells acting younger but the same gene slows down as we age. Avon is the first with patented YouthGen Technology – designed to stimulate the Youth Gene to help skin cells act younger!

Dramatic effect in an instant

On my eye area:

After Amazing how it reduces the lines under my eyes in one use!

What I think about it?

  • I was amazed by the immediate effect the Anew Genics can do to my skin. I only used it once around my eye area and as you can see from the photo it reduces the lines in an instant! The effect is so dramatic and so incredible! It’s a miracle!
  • I love the scent and its not sticky or greasy
  • It doesn’t make the skin oily and its non-comedogenic and suits all skin type.
  • A 30 ml bottle can last for a month depending on frequency of use.

Use the Anew Genics right after cleansing and toning before moisturizer or cream and sunblock during the day to maximize its effect. Anew Genics is now available in all Avon representative for Php1,799.00 per 30ml bottle.

Do I recommend this?
Hell yeah! Its an anti-aging miracle in a bottle! Packaging is so cute btw.

Give yourself the gift of youth with this product (or this yogitoes)  and Stay Gorgeous Everyone!

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  1. The perfect gift for mom! 🙂 How long will one bottle last? Baka di ko maafford yung upkeep :p

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