FOTW: Eye Camouflage with Accessorize Sunglasses

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FOTW: Eye Camouflage with Accessorize Sunglasses

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of blog updates the past few days, been busy as hell and well my net provider sucks big time (waves at Globe Tatoo) . Has any of you completed the seven days Simbang Gabi? Two more days left and you can have a wish granted! Congratulations!

Anyway, if you are up very early in the morning or still awake late at night, I’m sure you suffer from puffy eyes and dark circles aroubd the eye area, camouflaging it with a good concealer will help to make you look fresh and sparkle. But more often than not concealing works but sometimes if we get the wrong concealer shade, what we get is the reverse owl look which is equally not picture perfect.

Well, don’t worry you just need to Accessorize with fashionable sunglasses like this.  Put it on and you are good to go!

It also looks good on my daughter too!
All Accessorize sunglasses are optical class 1 which means they can filter up to 80% light transmittance! No glare. No smirking. No wrinkles! I love them so does my daughter!  I like the butterfly accent on the side it looks like one of those butterfly and flowers online at

Price range Php1,300 up depending on design and size!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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2 thoughts on “FOTW: Eye Camouflage with Accessorize Sunglasses

  1. same here!! i usually just use a sunglasses when I need to cover up my eyes but still need to look presentable 🙂 Happy holidays!

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