Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss Review

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Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss Review

Who would shy away from a lipgloss that is packed with skincare benefits aside from giving your lips that plush look that everyone would want to kiss? Nobody I know!

Mary Kay Lip Gloss
Product Info
The new Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss is the latest example of the lipgloss that comes in beautiful colors and skin care because of its pomegranate sterol and aloe tea extract in its key ingredients. NouriShine Plus lip glosses promises to deliver instant moisture, plus smoothing, soothing and serious shine! It comes in an array of 7 mouth-watering, juicy color that are perfect for all occasion: Fancy Nancy, Icicle, Mango Tango, Pink Luster, Red Passion, Rich Spice and Sparkle Berry!

For now I will give you a review of Fancy Nancy and Mango Tango, two beautiful shades that will be hot this 2012!

Product shots
Compared to previous lip glosses from Mary Kay the NouriShine has a new applicator that is soft and spongy but delivers colors evenky on your lips.


Mango Tango on the left and Fancy Nancy on the right
Above is a shot with flash and below is taken without a flash
On my lips:

Without lip gloss
Mango Tango is the retro-red shade that will be a trend this coming 2012!
Fancy Nancy is kinda nude with a brown undertone and a must-have shade for this 2012!
What I think about Mary Kay NutriShine Plus Lipgloss?
I love how it makes my lips so plush and juicy. With this on I don’t think I’ll need to get a collagen injection to make my lips plump like Angelina Jolie. I think my lips look so delicious! Looking at my pics makes ne wanna kiss me! Haha!
I love that its not sticky or greasy I can feel it nourishing and softening my lips as I wear it.
I love that its heaviky tinted, so the color you see on the container is what you get unlike other lipglosses you need two or three coats to achieve the tint it promises.
I can’t believe that the color stayed on even if I ate peanut butter and mango jelly sandwich!
I love the gloss and shimmer! I think I have my glitter lips to welcome 2012!

Do I recoomend it?
Highly recommended. Its your instant pick-me-up tool on a very hectic day or night. At Php700.00 each its worth every penny.

You will have to wait until February 16,2012 to purchase this from a Mary Kay beauty consultant.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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