My Manila Kingpin: The Untold Story of Asyong Salongga Movie Review

I’m glad my niece went for a visit today because she was my date when I saw the Manila Kingpin: The Untold Story of Asyong Salongga Movie Review , Metro Manila Film Festival 2011 Best Picture, Best Director among six other major awards like Best Supporting Actor, Best Cultural Heritage. Etc.

manila kingpin: asyon salongga poster
I was impressed. The black and white effect made the movie so much better compared to having it shown in full colors. THE AWARDS ARE WELL DESERVED! The movie is something we can all be proud of. Its not just a period movie, an action movie, a true to life story movie, but it is an art film with calibre. There are so many amazing shots that took my breath away. The production and set design should be applauded for convincing me that I was at an certain era and a place. The costume design was well thought off as well. It was Tondo, Manila, Philippines in the 1930’s to early 1950 very Bonnie and Clyde feel! There were lots of Oxford shoes and Converse! I love the wedding gown! Lotsa hot vintage cars too!
george and carla

Casting worked well too. This movie was not that publicized or advertized so I was surprised to see Philip Salvador was a supporting actor in this film too(no wonder he was everywhere during the promotion of MMFF movies and for he was a part of too Panday2!) Baron Giesler played a good role in the movie. So did Jay Manalo. Valerie Conception and JC Parker was part of the movie too. Ely Buendia made a caneo! asyong and the gang

There were scenes that can be omitted like the one where George Estregan Jr. a.k.a Asyong Salongga was in the bartolina, it was nice the first 30seconds but when it was stretched a bit longer, it made me laugh so hard (the rest of the viewers laughed too btw!) But the highly Tweeted kissing scenes of George and Carla Abelana a.k.a. Asyong’s wife Fidela was not that vulgar or over-the-to and ewww. It was tastefully done and was relevant to the film.

Kingpin: The Asyong Salongga Story movie was not that publicized film for the MMFF 2011 but it deserves the hype other movies in the festival got. I recommend you to watch this movie. I am not an action movie fan especially Tagalog action movies, but this one changed my mind. Cinematography was superb, something we can show off to the world! Great job!relevant to the movie. I t

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  1. hehe… I watched another MMFF film..but from what I have been hearing this one deserved their awards. Congratulatons!

  2. Didn’t see this in the MMFF, but seems fun to watch. I’m a big fan of vintage cars and movies that are old school. 🙂

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