5 Lip Glosses To Try This 2012

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5 Lip Glosses To Try This 2012

Before the year 2011 ended I recieved a lot of lip products to play with and use like I have more than one set of lips to change lip glosses or lipstick color mirning noon and night! This post is dedicated to all the lip products I got from Benefit Cosmetics, Penshoppe, Human Nature, and Ashleys, I hope you will find it useful in choosing the right lip gloss that suits your lyfestyle.

Benefit Cosmetics Lip Gloss Brilliant in I’m With the Band

IMAG4986 IMAG4988-1
IMAG4995-1 IMAG4996-1
I think the shade was named like thay because aside from the shimmer there’s also a glitter effect in it. The tint is a rocking hot fuscia/hot pink and somehow it has a plumping effect too. It’s well tinted and thick, smells nice and sticky bit not greasy or annoying. It also have a softening effect kinda moisturizing on your lips.
Penshoppe Color Hydradiance Tinted Lip Gloss in Kiss

IMAG5021-1 IMAG5023
IMAG5028-1 IMAG5026-1
Compared to other lip gloss that is glossy, this one is kinda matte but has a moisturizing and softening effect. The tint is just right to give your lips a natural red or pink shade. It’s unscented so perfect for those who just need moisturizing and color on then this one is for you.
Human Nature Island Kiss Lip Gloss

IMAG5005 IMAG5007
IMAG5012-1 IMAG5010-1
Those who know the brand also know that most of their products are organic and have herbal benefits. I can feel the hydrating and softening effect it has on my lips. The gloss is just right. It is not sticky or greasy nd smells a bit minty. Perfect to use on a cool drying weather.
Ashley’s Strawberries and Candies Moisturizing Lip Gloss

IMAG4999 IMAG5000
IMAG5004-1 IMAG5003-1
I believe that among the many things a customer look for in a product before they buy them is the packaging. Who would think that this cute keychain like mini cake is actually a lipgloss. I smell some strawberries and a bit of wax but its okay. Gloss is usual and the feel is.like any ordinary lipgloss out there.
Penshoppe Color Hydradiance Lipstick in Siren

IMAG4729IMAG4730 IMAG4726
Penshoppe Color hydradiance lipstick
Those who like naturally shaded lipstick and as tan ase will love this lipstick. It is very moisturized and well tinted. A little glossy but not too much. Good news is its just a little over Php140.00 each.
How about you ladires have you tried any of the above lippies? Which among them is your favorie?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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3 thoughts on “5 Lip Glosses To Try This 2012

  1. I like the Strawberries n Cream by Ashley. It’s a perfect gift for a kikay friend or relative. hehehe.

    I think the Penshoppe gloss looks so glam on you!

  2. Im not a fan of lipgloss,I prefer lipbalm.But I use lipgloss too from time to time but I blot it with tissue so that it;s not that shiny…:)The Penshoppe lippies look stunning on you Ms.E!

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