Sneak Peek of Benefit Cosmetics Philippines

Benefit Cosmetics all the way from San Francisco U.S.A. is now here in the Philippines.  Come December 2011, they will be opening their store somewhere in Makati, where? I’ll tell you soon.  Anyway, to get you excited about the brand here’s an advance preview of what to expect from this super fun brand!


Brow Bars!


Benetint! The original lip and cheek tint! (Php1,800)

And all of  Benefit’s top selling items! Bongga diba!


Meet the Benefit Girls!

If that didn’t get you excited, I don’t know what else will!

In fact, I was super excited yesterday that I visited their main office here in Manila, I thought it was the special preview party but I was mistaken.  My email servers fault but I’m glad I didn’t get that email saying the event was rescheduled next week because I had a super advanced sneak peak of Benefit Cosmetics in the Philippines  and got my very own Benetint! Yay!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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