Have a 143 Nescafe 3in1 Sweet ‘n Mild Valentine’s

UPDATE: This giveaway is closed. If you want to get your chance to win a Nescafe 3in1 giftpack you may join the Brown ‘n Creamy Nescafe 3in1 Yummy Perfect Pair Giveaway here (click)

Winner for the Sweet ‘n Mild Valentine’s (scroll down! 🙂 )

“Good morning sa inyo! Sweet ‘n Mild ang kasama ko! Tamis na ‘yong hatid, umaga ay walang pait!”

I’m sure most of you sang along as you read the first lines because it was taken from a very popular Nescafe 3-in-1 commercial that got almost everyone was LSS to. Anyway, have you tried the Nescafe 3-in-1 Sweet ‘n Mild variant? How did you find it? Was it sweet and mild enough for you to start your day right?


Well, here’s a Valentine’s day treat from Nescafe 3in1. I will be giving away a Nescafe 143 3in1 gift pack variant of your choice and a Nescafe notebook to one lucky winner who can provide the sweetest answer to this question: How would you like to celebrate Valentines ?

Other contest mechanics:
1) Like Nescafe Philippinesand Earthlingorgeous.com on Facebook.
2: Write this as status message : “Have a Sweet ‘n Mild Valentines with Nescafe 3in1 and Earthlingorgeous.com” ( make sure to tag Nescafe and Earthlingorgeous.com on your status message and tag 3 Facebook friends.
3). Answer the question above and write your answer on the comment box below. Best answer will win based on the following criteria: creativity 60%, originality 30% an relevance 10%.
4) Contest starts today February 14,2012 and will end February 21,2012. The winner will be announced shortly.
The winner will win the Nescafe 143 3in1 gift pack of his preference and will be delivered by Nescafe to the shipping address privided by the winner. Please give time for Nescafe to deliver your prizes.

That’s it! Have a Sweet ‘n Mild Valentines!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

WINNER ! MARY JANE OCOL! Please comment on this post with your shipping details and the Nescafe 3in1 variant you want for your guft pack. Please give time for the delivery of your prize by Nescafe Philippines. Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!


  1. w0w!! I did not expect to win this!!!
    Merry Jane Ocol
    2022 Interior 33 G. Perfecto Tondo Manila

    Original flavor of nescafe.

    Thanks Miss Earth for choosing me!!

  2. i would like to start our valentine’s day by collecting pictures when we were still on bf-gf stage, i will make a scrap book, every page has a picture with a description on what we’ve done and a message saying my thank you to him.. as each picture shows how much we love each other and how much we treasured memories from the past.. while having coffee i will give it to him, a simple valentine’s gift yet so meaningful for him and for me cause we can never change the love that we’ve had from the start up until now..

  3. I would like to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my family by simply having surprise breakfast in bed. To set the mood for Heart’s Day, it’s a wonderful idea to put rose petals around our bed and I’m going to play our favorite love songs as background music and then serve them their favorite breakfast: for my hubby, bagoong rice, heart-shaped scrambled eggs, hotdogs & Nescafe Sweet ‘n Mild coffee; for ER, heart-shaped pancakes & hot choco. And then give them my surprise gifts: Since my hubby is always the one giving me flowers so just to turn the table around, I will give him a freshly picked rose from our neighbor’s garden plus a handmade V-day card and for ER, a heart-shaped balloon and a handmade V-day card. 🙂

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