OOTD: #PosturaPh Day 4 Band-Less

I was suppose to attend another rehearsal today for the Coke Concert ng Bayan but mommy duties comes first so I ditch that to wait for daughter and go home early because mom wasn’t feeling well. If you don’t know I take my daughter to school and fetch her after and while waiting for her dismissal I go to the mall to window shop, eat, shop or whatever just to pass by time. I don’t really make an effort to get dressed when being a mommy I just wear comfy and regular clothes so I can fit in the rest in her school.  For Day 4 of my #PosturaPh this is what I wore:

You’ve seen me wear this top before, it’s from I-Candy from The Ramp at Edsa Shangri-la Mall.
One of my favorite skinny jeans from 7FAM


and sandals from Ohrelle!

It drizzled a bit so it was not a good day to wear sandals! Arg!

Oh well, still a beautiful day, the sun was high, and now its almost a full moon and I got some nice goodies from Beach Hut, Penshoppe and SM Accessories, so I’m happy even if it was a band-less day!

#PosturaPh The Postura Project a 30-day challenge to wear at least one piece of  Filipino fashion everyday!  Please join us! 


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