Top Gun Inspired Look #OOTD #WIWTD

Top Gun Inspired Look #OOTD #WIWTD

Have you watched Top Gun Maverick yet ?  If not, you should, you can spit Top.Gun 1 and still get the story.

Anyway, I am posting an #OOTD again . i know, I know, #OOTD and fashion blogging ain’t a thing anymore but I am.naking it my thing again just because this look made me happy . Plus I feel cute in it and no, I won’t delete it.

And if you have not guessed it yet, my outfit was Top Gun Inspired as the event I attended calls for such look.

I love events with dress codes, it cuts the hassle of thinking what to wear and if what you thought of wearing is appropriate or what.  I also like dressing up it or just wear something inspired by my favorite movies, shows or character .

So here’s my Top Gun Inspired outfit ! Warning photo rich blog !

Top Gun Inspired Look

This motorcycle was the same Kawasaki model Tom Cruise was riding at the Top Gun Maverick movie. Kahit man lang sa motorcycle eh nakasakay ko na di Tom Cruise keriboom na !


Salamat sa magaling Kong photog of the kay John Bueno of I look tall in my photos haha!

What I wore are all recycled (meaning I’ve worn them in the past before) except for the Top Gun patches which I got from Shopee:



What I wore:

Bomber Jacket: Penshoppe

White shirt: UNIQLO

Ripped jeans: GUESS

Hat: Oakley


Stay gorgeous everyone!


Bonus: Fun Photos from the LG Ultra Gear Monitors event at  Xylo BGC

Top Gun Inspired Look


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