OOTD: #PosturaPh Day 7 Fly

Wearing Filipino everyday even when I’m at home is now a conscious effort, if that’s a bad thing then sue me. Oh wait, sue Postura Project and the people behind it like Sarah Meier, David Guison. Today is my 7th day with #PosturaPh and today I am wearing a pink sleeveless top by Shapes . My mom took this photo so excuse if its out of focus and blurry haha! I need a photographer haha!

Denim shorts from SM Department Store
Today was a homey day. So goes my PosturaPh Day 7 Fly post.

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  1. Hi there,
    no, its no a bad thing to wear what you do, and nobody will sue you! You look georgeous! Nice blog and nice post, thank you!
    Patty D.

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