Giorgio Armani Aqua di Gioia Fragrance Supports The Water Race

Giorgio Armani is proud to renew his Acqua for Life (AFL) challenge for 2012 to stimulate greater public awareness of environmental and developmental problems. With Acqua di Gio and Acqua di Goia as a springboard to raise funds on behalf of Green Cross International’s Water programs, Acqua for life quickly targeted digital as a place where to raise more funds and more awarerness, with the equivalent of more than 3 million liters of safe drinking water collected last year on the internet.

Acqua di Gioia Acqua For Life 2012
How to join the water race?

Very simple. Just become a fan of the AFL Facebook fan page (here)   This way  you will automatically give 50 liters of safe drinking liters for the communities we are helping in Ghana and Bolivia.

By becoming fans, people also automatically take part to the Water Race, a fun experience aiming at explaining in an illustrated way the water crisis. You become part of a group of people racing from Milan to Ghana and Bolivia, a virtual travel to bring water to our communities. You can personalize you avatar, share you position via Google map on your Facebook wall, learn about the places you are virtually visiting, and discover via street view where you stand.

One simple idea: the more people like the page, the bigger the group gets and so will the donation!

The idea of the challenge is also to create a community of people who will learn about the water crisis through the page, and this way will be able to spread the word about it. This educational side of the project will be supported through regular posts on the page, given by Giorgio Armani all year long as a forum to discuss the safe drinking water shortage situation and how to help.

In 2011, the Armani Group committed in its partnership with Green Cross International (GCI) to build water systems that could provide at least 40 million liters of safe drinking water every year. Armani supported the project by providing 100 liters of water every time someone purchased one of the two Armani fragrances associated with water. The customer could also participate via the Internet to both spread the word through the power of social media, and collect even more liters of water. This helped Armani surpass the initial target, eventually collecting 43.3 million liters of safe drinking water in total. In 2012, Acqua for Life is committed to continuing and extending support to GCI projects in Ghana by supplying water systems to new communities, and for the first time in Bolivia, the poorest country in South America, where 33% of the rural population had no secured access to a safe drinking water source in 2010.

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Thanks to L’Oreal Luxe fragrances for the Aqua de Gio and Acqua di Gioa yesterday plus an Acqua de Gio for men for my man. If you love perfume like I do, I suggest you get any of the Acqua perfumes by Giorgio Armani they smell really great.  Get a set or two if you can and support a worthy cause.  Or you can like the AFL on Facebook now!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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