The Perfect Purple Lipstick: Victoria Secret Beauty Rush in Limelight Review

I had some disheartening incident earlier this morning, I already wrote about it in my other blog.  That’s how I work I write to let it all out and then move on.  One of the best things that make me feel better is getting prettified or play with makeup.  I was so happy finding this little piece of purple/ lilac lipstick from Victoria Secret.  The Victoria Secret Beauty Rush in Limelight is the perfect shade of purple lipstick for someone who dares to wear purple!

Swatches of Victoria Secret Beauty Rush in Limelight

High Light
t IMAG9045
Low Light
Oh btw, the darker purple/lilac lipstick line you see in the pic is a MAC Lipliner.  I’ll blog later!
On my Lips:

What I think about the Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Lipstick :
I love how the shade blended well with my skin tone!
I love how the lipstick glided smoothly on my lips.
This is the first time I tried a Victoria Secret lipstick and I’m surprised how nice it is.
This shade is such a treasure I hope I find more of this when I’m out of this one.

How about you, have you ever tries a lilac/ purple shade of lipstick before? What brand?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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