High Tech Acne Removal System

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High Tech Acne Removal System

Going to a dermatologist and regularly having your facial is the surest way to get clean and clear skin. But of course most of us can’t afford doing so because either we don’t have the time or the money to do as what our derma recommended.  I found an acne removal sysem that will give you the luxury to have clear skin with this high tech acne removal system that is now popular skin care system for most of the people in U.S. and Canada as offered by Tanda.com.

First gadget they have in their acne removal system is the Zap


Zap is an acne spot clearing device that uses blue light technology, sonic vibration and gentle warming that clears out pimples fast that you can also see in some derma clinics. This one guarantees to clear or lighten acne blemishes in less than 24 hours. This gadget is sold at US$49.00.

Another one is the Clear Plus which is a much high tech gadget perfect for those operating a small time facial salon or even for personal use. Don’t worry each comes with a manual!


The Clear+ is the first and only device to combine powerful bacteria-killing blue light with sonic vibration and gentle warming for clinically proven clearing results. It guarantees a difference in your complexion in 24 hours. This acne removal gadget is sold at US$195.00.

Tanda offers free shipping to orders from US and Canada, the only country these gadgets are being sold for now. Hopefully it will be available for shipping here or else we can only see such high tech acne removal system in our derma and facial clinics.

But then again since these gadgets are not within our reach yet, the best way to have clear and blemish free skin is to avoid salty and fatty foods and make sure to sleep with a clean face, which means you should remove your makeup or any dirt you have accumulated within the day before you go to bed. Oh, and to remove zits fast I use red lipstick!

How about you what is your tried and tested acne removal system?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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