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Will You Really Get Instant White with SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion? Plus a Giveaway

It is really hard to show through photos how skincare products really worked as they claim they would.  One could assume that a pic was photoshopped (tampered) or you can hardly see any difference because the camera used was not really good. The best way to tell if an instant whitening product such as the SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion really worked, is that if you know the person before she used it and notice the difference thereafter.

My neighbors and our katiwala at our old house which we left almost a year ago and have not visited since November of 2014 would be my best testimonial of how my skin got smoother and yes lighter. She and her daughter would comment how lighter and smoother my skin got after leaving that old house which you could say I was travelling from the province to Manila because it is super far they call it far view!

Anyway, while there are a number of factors to consider why I got lighter and younger looking skin is because I have less sun exposure compared to before where I need to be on the road for more than 2 hours one way and 2 hours back, excluding the long walks that exposed me to the sun more.

Here’s a commercial I would like you all to see. I enjoyed watching it as it made me giggle some.

Here’s a photo example:

First photo was taken August 2014 same photographer same studio by Dondi Gonzalez at Citrusnap Studio., second photo was taken December 2014. But if you look closely I was a little bronzer/ tanner on my first pic compared to my second pic below.

Product Info

SkinWhite Power Whitening lotion uses an exclusive Advanced Tripower Technology that whitens instantly and whitens continuously. And Vitanourish formula that contains Vitamins B3, B5 & E and SPF 20 that delivers intense moisturization and protection from harmful UV rays.

SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion review
Product shots:

SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion review


Skinwhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion swatches

SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion review

On my skin!


See, I told you! You can’t tell from this photo about the instant whitening promise but…look at the first few pics I have shown you earlier and you can tell the difference.

What I think of the SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion:

  • While the instant white may not be that visible on the photos or even the naked eye.  Give it a few days max 7 days for you to see the actual difference.
  • The lotion is very thick compared to other lotion that is very fluid.
  • It has matte finish.
  • Non-drying and not greasy.

Do I recommend it?
Yes. Depending on the size (Php71.00  for a 50ml bottle , Php123.25 for 75ml, and Php235.00 for 200ml bottle), it will last you for months.

Aside from the SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion, they also have the PowerWhitening 3-in-1 Face Cream Powder, and Whitening Cleanser and Soap (not in the photo).

SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening products review prices

While personally I am happy with my tanned complexion and desire not to go any whiter or lighter than I already am, I know there are lots of girls, ladies, people, out there who wants to get lighter/whiter skin complexion.   It takes dedication to the product and discipline.  Discipline not to get too much sun exposure and to use the products as religiously and continuously as possible.  Smooth and soft skin is all I’m after and as such SkinWhite does it for me.

How about you, have you tried SkinWhite products ?  How was it for you?  Let me know!

Not convinced? OK here’s my before and after pic:
SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Power Lotion reviewAnd that is just after I applied it on!  #InstantWhite diba?

Win an entire line of SkinWhite Advance Power whitening products!

Simple: Just tell me about about your experience about the SkinWhite Advanced Whiening product or if you haven’t tried it yet, let me know why you would like to try it in the comment section below! We will all be thankful if you can follow @skinwhiteph on Instagram and Twitter or follow SkinWhite Philippines on Facebook!

I will be picking three (3) winners to win the entire range and SkinWhite will be sending the products to the winners!

Giveaway starts now February 24, 2015 until March 3, 2015 only! Looking forward to your answers!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. John Paul S. Tanyag

    I haven’t tried the Skinwhite products since I am used to just bathroom soap and not applying any lotion. Looking forward to try Skinwhite because it is perfect for outdoor activities especially this summer, we are exposed to the sun and we need a product to protect our skin. I also love the commercials of Skinwhite, very catchy. Will also recommend the product to my siblings to try it. Cheers. 🙂

  2. Jhake Orinion

    I have used a Skinwhite soaps, facial cream and lotions. I like how it smells. I am allergic to strong-scented body products and Skinwhite’s scent is just right for me. I love how they feel on my skin and a big bonus is that the products are reasonably priced.

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