How To Make Your Sky High Shoes Comfortable

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How To Make Your Sky High Shoes Comfortable

Those who know me too well know that I place high regard with comfort over fashion.   I’d rather wear flat shoes and be the tiniest of them all if I got to wear a shoe that’s too uncomfortable and painful for me already.  My health is more important than the pace of Victoria Beckham for example who said she can’t concentrate if she’s not wearing heels!

I have very week joints and ankles, I’ve fallen off my feet far too many times even if I’m not wearing heels, that’s why I mind a lot if I wear sky high heels for a long time.   Attending a lot of seminars and reading a lot of health books I realized now that the legs and feet are the lifeline to a healthy, active lifestyle.  If I don’t take care of my tiny feets and legs now I am sure I will suffer later in life and I don’t want that to happen.

However, there are sky high platform shoes that can be really comfortable but is not recommended for long wear.   This is where using insoles or inserts comes in to make your shoes the most comfortable shoes ever .

Schuler Shoes offers a wide range of insoles and inserts to cater to every foot problem or need.  They offer a wide range of over-the-counter inserts and orthotics but they do suggest that if you are not yet familiar with the type of insole/insert you need don’t purchase online.  Don’t worry they offer foot screen evaluation at their physical store and you can have a foot analysis scheduled at your convenience.  They have certified pedorthist or sale staff to assist you with this so you are assured to be given the best service of all.  You can also do a self-evaluation of your foot problem or need by checking which foot problem you are encountering at the moment.

Schuler offers different foot health product brands like Arch Molds, Birkenstock, Lynco Orthotics, New Balance, PediFix, Powerstep, Prothotics, Spenco Footcare, Super Feet, Tacco Footcare and Vasyli.  If you are familiar with the brands then you can shop at their online store.

Another thing you can do to make your sky high shoes comfortable is to bring someone to carry you or assist you walking when wearing an unbelievable height like Lady Gaga!

Sky high heels or statement shoes are nice to wear at a short period of time especially if they look as pretty as these:

But always remember you only got a pair and if you don’t take care of them well you might not be able to wear all the beautiful shoes in the world. Bring a pair of the most comfortable shoes or even slippers you got so you can use it as soon as you are no longer in the function or event you need to show off your statement shoes.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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10 thoughts on “How To Make Your Sky High Shoes Comfortable

  1. Its always a good idea to bring extra pair of comfortable shoes, also it can be a good thing to wear some comfortable insoles. They usually make wearing high heels comfortable.

    Thank you

  2. first time, super sakit and mahirap gumamit ng high shoes. uncomfortable talaga. thanks for this post.

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