ForMe Charme Francais Collection Preview with Patti Grandidge

Yesterday, some bloggers were invited to preview the ForMe Charme Francais Collection with Patti Grandidge, their latest image model/ endorser.  The collection features Parisian and carefree style with light fabric fit for the stylish and modern Filipina women and the Philippine weather.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the new collection, too bad most of my favorite from the collection are not for sale yet.  The Charme Fracais Collection will be sold by September.

Here’s a preview of the new collection and why I am so thrilled to get my hands on them!

I so want that pants!
Pretty new accesories! Bow necklaces and faux pear colar necklaces! Fancy jewelries are far more better than real ones but if you don’t like fakes then you can go for sterling silver jewelry as accesories and have your jewelrer make you fierce designs like these.

ForMe bow necklace
ForMe faux pearl colar necklace
ForMe colar necklace
ForMe Charme Francais collection
The beautiful Patti Grandidge and Tracy our host for the event
Patti Grandidge and Tracy
Patti is wearing a pretty dainty dress from the Francais Collection of ForMe here
Patti Grandidge at ForMe
The event was a  fun one as we were given free hand on wearing everything we like from the store and the collection.  We also had a styling challenge where Sarah Tirona of the Fashion Eggplant dressed in 10 minutes! That lady got an amazing taste and style, very bold and daring too with her haircolor! Ugh, I don’t have much photos of the other bloggers in the event as I was overwhelmed with the many photographers and I was too busy shopping!  I will update this post later when ForMe gave us copies of our pics!  Yes, we were all treated to a shopping spree and a mini-outfit shoot!

Here’s what I got!

ForMe Mini Haul
L-R: ForMe Multi-way sheer Top, Cardigan, A blouse, a pretty belt and three necklaces! They also gave us ForMe collogne!
Oh, this Multi-way sheer top is a must have! Get yours now you can wear it in 7 different ways or even more if you are that creative and fun! This one is only Php689.00!

ForMe Multi-way Top
Hmmm, I am challenging myself to wear this Multi-Way top for a week starting Monday! I will post my looks on my lookbook and all seven looks hereafter! Wish me luck!

Again, the Charme Francais Collection is not out in any stores yet, this was just a preview, if you see anything you like from the collection, do wait until September!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. love the bow/collar necklaces, whatever you call it. Patti is sooo pretty (and so is her dress)

  2. That top is a winner if you can actually use it in so many different ways. Do they have that in other colors? Excited to see your 7-day post! 🙂

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