FOTD: London Olympic Games Torch

In honor of the London Olympic Games opening this 2012. I decided to.create a look inspired by the fire from the Olympic Games torch that signifies new beginnings!

I used the L.A. Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow EP42 Wildflower shade making it apear like a burning flame.

London Olympics Torch makeup look
Here is the palette I used:

IMAG1456L.A. Colors 5 Color Metallic palette is not that pigmented and the color easily But for practice purpose and experimentation on looks it’s an OK eyeshadow. Better use a good eyeprimer and use the.applicator provided in the kit as it gets the colors better than an eyeshadow.brush.
London Olympic Games torch inspired makeup
I finished the look with a black eyeliner and a pinkish red lipstick.
London Olympic Games torch makeup lookLondon Gamsles Olympic Torch makeup look

With the right kind of makeup and the know-how on techniques to enhance ones.look cosmetic surgery is an option that should be considered by look more gorgeous.

Smith Facial Plastics can do the work for you if you are considering to make some changes on your eyelids that you think is lacking in folds or is drooping already with their eyelid surgery. If your forehead is too wrinkly then you can consider having a forehead lift. Or if unhappy with your can go through rhinoplasty or nose reconstruction.

But if you are afraid of needles then just go through some photo editing and post edited version of you like this one.

Here’s my photo edited London Olympics 2012 torch makeup look!

london olympics torch look
What you think? Yay or nay? How about you, do you have a London Olympic Ganrs inspired look? Share link here!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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