Hair Makeover @ Tony Galvez Salon

I wasn’t feeling any happy with my hair the past month, I missed my natural wavy locks. My super straight long hair because of the chroma straight treatment I got a few months ago is getting really flat and ugly. Luckily, a friend scheduled me for a free hair makeover at Tony Galvez. It wasn’t raining as hard as this week but it was gloomy and wet outside because of the increment weather. Despite that I braved the rain just so I can have a new look! I am glad I did.

Here I am before the makeover and on my way to the salon. I look so ugly with my limp flat hair. I look unhappy! LOL!

Before my Hair Makeover at Tony Galvez
Seated inside the salon before getting my hair makeover. Yeah I look unhappy I tell you! LOL!

2012-08-02 12.54.58
I wanted a shorter hairstyle but not that short so I asked Darwin one of Tony Galvez hair stylist to give me a one-length shoulder-length hair, so he did. I also asked for a lighter shade/ lighter color on my hair. I actually wanted a platinum but they don’t want to go that far as not to damage my hair. Well, they are the expert and I don’t want to go bald or anything like that after the makeover, so we compromised for something they are comfortable doing and I will like.
Darwin opted to give my hair highlights so as to give it an illusion of more volume and texture.

Preparing for texturizing / highlights2012-08-02 13.54.27
Two of them started coloring my hair while Ate Imelda did my nails (manicure and pedicure). I opted for a royal blue nail polish both hands and feet!

2012-08-02 14.29.26
Here is a suspense shot of what my new hairdo looks like lol!

2012-08-02 15.55.45
Me and Tony Galvez with my new hairdo! Yes, I am so happy with it! 🙂

with Tony Galvez
A much detailed look at my new hairstyle! I love it!

Yves Rocher Orange lipstick
I really really love it!

Thanks Tony Galvez for my new look! Tony Galvez salon is located at P.Tuazon in Cubao, Quezon City. You can drop by to have your hair done with his well trained hair stylist or call to have your hair touched by Tony Galvez himself.

What do you think of my hair makeover? How about you, are you planning to get any makeover soon? I recommend it. The weather has been dragging all of us into feeling gloomy and moody we all deserve a break!

When is it time to get a makeover?

  1. After a breakup
  2. When you feel stressed and down
  3. When you feel that your hair is already boring or you put it in a ponytail way too often than it should.
  4. After a promotion
  5. When you want an immediate change

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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