Katie Holmes Debuts New Fashion Collection @ New York Fashion Week

Bouncing back from the marriage? Katie Holmes with her business partner Jeanne Yang, debuts the latest collection of their fashion brand Holmes & Yang at the New York Fashion Week. But they did not go for the huge production of a fashion show and runway but did the event quietly at a private hotel where only selected guest can attend. They did not even allow drop-in media coverages and the event was restricted to those who got the direct event from Homles & Yang themselves or their PR only.

Some said, Katie looked good, some said she looked stressed. About the new collection from Holmes & Yang a lot said it was so Katie, I will let you be the judge, here’s some pics.




This would be Katie’s first biggest appearance after the news about her split-up with Tom Cruise. What do you think ?

Jeanne Young and Katie Holmes at the event overseeing that the event goes smoothly personally

What do you think of the new Holmes and Yang Spring Summer 2013 collection?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. earthlingorgeous

    I surrendered to the fact that whether I wear heels or not I am still the smallest girl in my circle of friends so I try not to stress too much about wearing heels it is not what you wear anyway, it is how you wear it!

  2. aussiebach

    I am very interested in fashion and interpreting it to suit myself and I am most certainly not interested in designers’ personal lives and yucky details which are none of my business.I think high heels are silly – I like to climb fences or jump puddles if I feel like doing so, while still looking feminine and attractive. I am tiny and I like that – it is a matter of discrimination when women are told to constantly strive to look taller and leaner. Short and cute is what I strive for and achieve very well.

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