How to Ward Off Summer Eye Problems In A Blink

Here are simple techniques to keep your peepers protected this season

As the sun glows brighter and days grow warmer, sunglasses once again become a staple of our everyday wardrobe. But did you know that there is more to these eye candies other than making you look hip and cool under the glare of the sun? They can also protect you from eye problems so common during the season.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, prolonged exposure to bright sunlight increases the risk of developing cataracts and abnormal eye growths, including cancer. UV radiation from natural sunlight can damage the surface tissues of the eyes as well as the lens and cornea.

“Summer means prolonged time under the sun,” says Dr. Joy Go, AVP for Ideal Vision. “Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the eye problems they can pick up outdoors. Worse, not everyone knows how to properly protect themselves from these risks.” Her recommendation: “The next time you pick sunglasses, make sure they can properly protect your eyes. Protection is key.”


Know your UV

According to Dr. Go, people do not often check the UV rating of sunglasses before buying.

“But the UV rating of a pair matters,” she explains. “So before picking one, make sure to check this because your level of protection will depend on it.”

Lenses that meet the ANSI Z80.3 blocking requirements set by the American National Standards Institute are highly recommended. Choose a pair that can block 99% or 100% of UVB and UVA rays to get the right protection for your peepers.

Brands from Ideal Vision Center are spot on in providing UV protection while also giving a punch of style for that impeccable summer look. Choose from many styles and colors while being eye smart during the hottest days of the year.

Dr. Go adds, “Even those who are wearing UV-blocking contact lenses need the protection from sunglasses. Opt for lenses that offer 400 UV protection because they block even the tiniest of light rays.”

Oakley Frogskin Polarized Sunglasses

Ditch the glare

Increased risks for eye problems are not the only danger during summer. Beachgoers in particular can also suffer from a condition called Photokeratitis, which affects the cornea’s thin surface layer and the conjunctiva.

Photokeratitis can be caused by light reflection from water, sand, and flat, smooth surfaces. Some of its symptoms may include pain, blurriness, and swelling. Additionally, it can cause discomfort and skewed vision.

For this, Dr. Go recommends the use of polarized sunglasses. “Sunlight bouncing off water and sand causes an agitating and blinding glare because they are also reflected back to the eyes horizontally.”

She elaborates, “Polarized lenses remedy this with a special laminated filter that blocks the reflected horizontal light and lets the vertically oriented light to pass through the lens. This removes the glare and gives the wearer a clearer vision.”

Arm yourself with polarized lenses with UV protection for those beach getaways. Ideal Vision Center offers a collection of stylish pairs optimized to give the best protection for your eyes while letting you flaunt your summer style.

The harsh conditions of summer demand everyone to be extra diligent in caring for their peepers. As Dr. Goputs it, “Make sure you are protected before going out there. Then you can turn a blind eye to all these risks and focus on getting the time of your life this summer.”

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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