Battle For Terra Review

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Battle For Terra Review

I was able to watch the Battle For Terra during its red carpet premiere yesterday, October 19, 2009, at SM North EDSA Digital Theater and I must say it was the shortest and concise movie I’ve ever seen so far. The movie is about 85 minutes or just just about an hour and 30 minutes. I commend the script writer for thinking that he is writing for an audience who are all intelligent and mature to be able to grasp the straight to the point phase of the movie. There’s no other way to watch this movie than in 3D!

Battle for Terra presents a worst-case future scenario: an inhospitable Earth that forces our race to look elsewhere in the universe for a home. As a family movie, Battle for Terra deals with topics that are close to home and well-grounded.

I like the idea instilled by the movie that instead of destroying each other  why don’t we just live on a common ground and cooperate so all of us survives and that “there is always an alternative!“.

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Regular showing begins October 21 exclusively at all SM Digital Theaters branches nationwide. BFT is a sci-fi animation and is rated PG for sequences of science-fiction action violence and some thematic elements. However, this film is a must see for audiences of all ages. Experience this high-impact movie only at the cinema where every thing is so real and so clear – SM Digital Theater.

Battle for Terra is Directed by Aristomenis Tsirbas and Produced Keith Calder.


When the peaceful inhabitants of the beautiful planet Terra come under attack from the last surviving members of humanity adrift in an aging spaceship, the stage is set for an all-out war between the two races for control of the planet. But will an unlikely friendship between a rebellious young Terrian (voiced by Evan Rachel Wood) and an injured human pilot (Luke Wilson) somehow convince their leaders that war is not the answer?

Living in perfect harmony in gravity-defying cities above the clouds, the inhabitants of the planet Terra are complete strangers to war. So when Terra is invaded by human beings fleeing a civil war and environmental catastrophe, many of the Terrians at first welcome the invaders as gods. Only the feisty young Mala (Evan Rachel Wood) fights back, luring one of the i nvading spacecrafts to destruction after her father is abducted, then rescuing its pilot—a humannamed Jim (Luke Wilson).

In return for saving his life, Jim promises to help Mala find her father, taking her on a perilous journey to the Ark—the humans’ aging mother ship. Along the way, Mala and Jim learn that their people really aren’t so different from one another. But with the Earthforce army poised to invade Terra and render it uninhabitable for Terrians, Mala and Jim must find a way to help the two races coexist—before it’s too late.

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