Accessory of the Day: Bangles and Beads

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Accessory of the Day: Bangles and Beads

What I learned in the past few years of fashion blogging is that don’t be afraid to mix and match seemingly different materials and texture to create harmony and make fashion work for you.

My accessory for today highlights some silver bangles and bead bracelets I got from The Little Things She Needs (TLTSN) when they opened a year ago or so. I mixed and matched different sizes and designs and patterns of the silver and silver stained bangles with the beads to add texture and depth.



I do hope the AOTD posts I put in here gives you inspiration with the way you use the accessories you already have.

So, what is your armcandy today? Care to share?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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One thought on “Accessory of the Day: Bangles and Beads

  1. Oh I too love bangles and lots of them. Especially if i’m wearing a sleeveless dress or top as they stop your arms from looking so bare as well as drawing attention to your lower arm thus distracting from those less than toned upper arms 😉

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