Sample Room: Try Before You Buy

When it comes to beauty products, I’m not the one to buy on impulse.

The first time I heard about sample marketing/ sample subscription services/ by subscription beauty and lifestyle box services coming to the Philippines  I got excited , finally I don’t need to buy full-sized products that will be put to waste because I did not like it or did not work out the way I expected it to .  The downside was that these sample subscription services was that the hit-or-miss deal because they will be sending products you did not order.  You will be totally clueless of what products will be inside your beauty or lifestyle box so there’s this uncertainty if you will ever get to use whatever is inside.  If what’s inside is something you will use, then good for you, you’ve hit jackpot.  But if what you got is something you will never ever use, then you’ve just wasted more or less Php500.00 because these boxes doesn’t come for free !

sample room

When I heard about Sample Room Philippines and their concept of sample marketing, I thought now that’s a concept that will work out.   Why?

  1. As their tagline goes –  Try Before You Buy –  you don’t need to pay a fixed amount each month for the products you want to try out,  you just pay for the shipping.
  2. You get to personally hand pick the products that will be sent out to you.  No guessing games and no hit-or-miss deal.
  3. To get the samplers you want for free, you just need to earn points that is equal to the product you wanted and viola it’s yours.  To earn points, you just need to be an active subscriber of Sample Room — being active means you interact with the other subscribers, you share your feedback about the products you got, you share what you discovered and liked on your social media.   Now that’s a piece of cake, you’ve been doing this all the time in your social media accounts right?

So, if you liked what I just said, then go visit Sample Room now and input your email so you will be alerted right away when the site is live.  Meanwhile, you can check-out their Twitter: and Facebook: account and start acquainting yourself with it.

Happy sampling!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Sample room is a good option especially when you think of buying brands or products that you are not familiar with. My only concern is the hit and miss thing you mentioned in your post.

  2. Wow! This is better alternative to other services/subscriptions charging Php 500 for a month. I have heard Sample Room before (probably from your tweet) but didn’t paid attention to it thinking that it’s the same as GlamourBox.
    Now I’m looking forward to this! 😉

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