Conquer Milk Taste Fatigue With Nido Fortified Choco & Melon Milk Drink

I’m sure most parents with kids aged 3 and above notice how their kids milk consumption declined and it gets harder and harder for them to give just plain milk drink to their kids. This is the stage experts called as having milk taste fatigue – where kids get tired of the taste of milk start looking for variety and new flavors. This pose problems with parents as the kids help is on the line here.

Good thing, NIDO FORTIFIED unveiled two new flavored milk drink that will definitely conquer milk taste fatigue the Nido Forti-Choco and Nido Forti-Melon.

“We make it easier for parents to find products that can help support their children’s needs for growth and development. NIDO FORTI-CHOCO and NIDO FORTI-MELON give kids that excitement they are looking for in taste and variety, and assure parents that their children are getting the nutrition that milk can provide,” said NIDO FORTIFIED Brand Manager Ting Mercado.


The event was hosted by celebrity-mom Suzi Entrata-Abrera, who confessed being a milk lover. Guests were drawn to the interactive nature of the event, which included games, talks and a cooking demonstration by NESTLE PHILIPPINES Chef Tess Sutilo, adding up to an afternoon of fun and learning that allowed parents and their children to celebrate NIDO FORTIFIED’s milestone together.

At the event held at Party Pod moms were hands down to liking the new Nido Forti-Melon flavor while kids are surrendered to the taste of Nido Forti-Choco. My daughter finished 3 sample glass all the way down!

Then kids with their parents were taken to Nido Science Center for another round of fun learning experience!


Nido Forti-Choco and Nido Forti-Melon are the latest products by NIDO FORTIFIED, heeding to the need of parents to provide their children with essential nutrition. NIDO FORTIFIED has long been trusted by parents and has been a reliable product in households, and the release of two new flavors has been a welcome addition, allowing for more enjoyment, creativity and variety.
Now, parents and kids can make milk-drinking more enjoyable with NIDO FORTI-CHOCO and NIDO FORTI-MELON available in all leading supermarkets nationwide this November 2012.


So, hurry grab yours now. Honestly, I thought melon would be a weird flavor for a milk flavor drink but I was absolutely surprised to love the taste. I personally liked the Mmmmm-Melon flavor but Gusto-Choco taste yummy too! Kids loved it! I suggest you grab both and tell me which did you and your kid like best!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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