Give Some Joy Back To Your Pet – By Going On Adventures Together!

As humans, we love our pets. We are so sad when we have to leave them at home for the day, but are even more thrilled to see their excited faces when we return! No matter what type of animals you have in your home, you are familiar with the joy and love you get from your furry friend.

Recent studies have proven that humans and their pets really do have chemistry that brings us together. Several studies have proven that dog and cat owners alike are even loved back by their pets, both humans and their dogs and cats showing increase in levels of oxytocin after spending time together. Known as the “love hormone,” oxytocin is the hormone that builds bonding and trust between humans, most notably mother and infant.

One Japanese study shows an increase in a dog owner’s level of oxytocin as much as 300 percent after spending time with the dog and gazing into the dog’s eyes. The dogs, in turn, had increased levels of oxytocin as well, by 57.2 percent on average, after spending some play time with their owners. Another study done by Paul Zak, neuroscientist, had similar results, but with oxytocin levels rising as high as 130 percent.

Cats were present in Zak’s study too, though past research made some folks skeptical of the idea that cats love humans back. Cats are more standoffish and typically require less affection than dogs, but we humans still gain a lot from their presence. Zak studied cats partaking in ten minutes of play time with their owners and found a 12 percent increase in levels of oxytocin. For cats, that is saying something. What’s more, another study has shown that cats enjoy human interaction more than food!

Loving our pets is a tradition as old as time. We have always taken our dogs with us everywhere we go, as they are big fans of participating in exercise with us, such as jogging, swimming, and even kayaking. It’s a much newer trend, thanks to advances in technology, to bring our cats out exploring as well.

As we travel from place to place and even to new countries, we are more and more able to bring our fur babies with us! After all, what is a trip without your best friend by your side? Technology has also given us fantastic new designs to choose from in the realm of an airline approved pet carrier, for example. Investing in a fun and practical pet carrier for any animal is a great way to know that they can not only go on flights with you, but even road trips, jaunts around town, or for play dates with our friends’ pets!

Animals are so good for our health, that we often seek out new ways to make our pets happy. Many of the best methods of bonding with pets include traveling with them, whether to the park, the beach, or elsewhere. If you’re going to a hotel or resort, see if you have the option to bring your pet with you for a weekend away. Everyone knows dogs love a good road trip, but even though some cats are scared, many become comfortable and even enthusiastic about car rides after some time.

If you aren’t planning a trip, any change of scenery can be healthy for your cat, dog, or even a guinea pig! Of course, for the latter of the two, a carrying case can really be a necessity. If you aren’t into fetch, you might still want an excuse to spend the day at the park or in the great outdoors. If you enjoy grabbing a good book and a refreshing treat and heading out to soak up the sun, why not take your kitty with you? Your feline bud would no doubt enjoy spending the day watching birds and squirrels, from the safety of his or her carrier.

There’s no limit to what we can do with our pets. Many animals are timid, and resistant to new adventures at first, so be sure to take it slow and don’t force anything on them that they are too scared of. Always remember that animals (especially dogs) will tend to take on the personality of their owners. So show your pet that the two of you can get out, explore, and take on the world together!

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