A Not So Subtle Gap In Fashion and Style

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A Not So Subtle Gap In Fashion and Style

If you’ve kept on the latest fashion trends, you may be either pleasantly surprised or annoyed at the latest trend – gaps in clothing and in teeth! Trends come and go, so I’ll leave it up to you to decide on whether you like this trend or not. This trend may not be for you if you’re afraid to show a little bit of skin or weren’t born with a gap in the middle of your teeth. However, you may like a dress with a peekaboo slit, which will look outstanding as a bold and daring holiday look while still maintaining a relatively conservative appearance.

peekaboo dress

If budget is an issue and you decide that you love this trend, you can use a $60 or $90 off NYandCo code here. This will be especially perfect if you decide to go with the peekaboo dress trend, which will look daring if the hole is placed on the back or front of the dress. Just make sure you purchase a dress that has a hole where you’re comfortable having it placed.

Gone are the days where you need braces for teeth that have gaps. If you’ve been watching The Voice you may catch a few solo artists with an adorable gap in their teeth or spot it on models and stars in your fashion magazines. Anna Panquin is one such actress that has a gap in the middle of her two front teeth and it is a defining look that makes her shine. Whether you’re in your twenties, forties or are older and have a gap in your teeth you were thinking of fixing, it may be time to reconsider!

If you want to show off your tight abs that you’ve been working hard to achieve at the gym, another gap trend that’s taken off is having a gap in between your skirt and top. I’m not talking a huge gap, but a subtle enough gap that shows off a hint of your midriff. If you’re worried this look is trashy, don’t, because it happens to be sweet if you’re up for sharing a hint of your stomach in a chic sort of way.

So what do you think of this gapped out style that’s trending in our fashion world? Whether you’re comfortable showing off a little gap in between your top and skirt, or keeping the infamous gap in between your teeth, it’s time to embrace a not so subtle gap that’s showing up in fashion and perhaps in your own wardrobe!

Sierra is a freelance writer who loves to write about fashion, especially the most recent trends!

On a personal note, at a recent event I attended I was called-out as conservative by a friend from the fashion world. It was the first time someone was actually very honest to tell me that frankly and I appreciate it. Not too many would tell me that upfront. The last thing I want to be is conservative but when it comes to the clothes I wear when I go out, my first priority is my safety since I am a commuter I don’t want to call too much attention with the way I dress up. Because of that I sacrifice style over convenience. This kind of dress above is something I want to wear at a night out party, it’s not so bulky so I can carry on my purse so I can change and not be so conservative anymore!

How about you what is your fashion dilemma? Would you wear this dress or not?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I would love to wear the dresses on your photo! But like you, I am a commuter too so I choose my clothes carefully. 🙂

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