Camay Beauty Bar Relaunch In Manila

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Camay Beauty Bar Relaunch In Manila

If you were born in the 1980’s you can relate to the excitement I felt when P&G Beauty finally revealed that they are going to release Camay , an iconic brand back in the shelves again for the younger women of this generation to enjoy and love.

when I went to Opus Resto Bar at Resorts World Manila for the P&G Beauty Scents of Attraction event, I was totally clueless on what the product might be. In all honesty I thought it will be another variant of Downy, but my guess was not 100% right because Downy is a laundry product not a beauty one. I made so many guesses, how about Olay or Clinique? I still got no clue! Camay did not even crossed my mind! Who knew!

Scents of Attraction

When I was toured around the event venue that was dressed up like a French Boudoir with themes revolving around the three main scents of Rose, Vanilla and Grapefruit. At our tables, there were bottles of scents as well and I thought this was going to be a scentsational night!

Scents of attraction boudoir
At the event proper P&G Beauty Ambassador Dapgne Osena-Paez with the event hosts Mr. World Philippines Andrew Wolf and Ms. World Philippines Gwendolyn Ruias guided guest to a sensorial experience of vanilla, grapefruit and rose scents before the big reveal. The experience was fun as everyone learned the reason behind choosing those scents for the new Camay.

Camay Scents of Attraction event Andrew Wolf, Gwen Ruias, Daphne Osena-Paez
Camay was the soap I remember my mom used when I was in grade school, it was one of the soap brands I loved using as a child. I just love the scent and how soft and smooth it leaves my skin. Plus the fact that I bask in my fantasy that I am also one of those beauty Queen endorsers of Camay. It was just sad when P&G stopped manufacturing it here in the Philippines sometime in the 1990’s.

Now, the new Camay is being reintroduced as a soap that will leave men wanting us more with its three (3) new Scents of Attraction. The new scents of Camay are:
Romantic Rose – the flowery variant inspired by a Rose . This variant reflects being feminine with a flirty edge.

Camay Romantic Rose

Dynamique Grapefruit – the fruity variant inspired by Pink Grapefruit. This variant will leave us feeling fresh and perky as i gives us the feeling of nature and being energized.

Dynamite Grapefruit

Creme Vanilla – the sweet vanilla scent that redefines luxury. This variant gives the calming pampering experience with its delicious scent just like being in a sweet candy store!

Camay Creme Vanilla

Aside from the Camay Beauty Bar they also came out with the Camay Body Wash with the same three scent!

I asked Mr. Clint Navales P&G Country Communications Manager why relaunch Camay now? He said it was the right time for Procter and Gamble to release a soap line that focuses on scents and perfume. “We already have germicide soap – Safeguard, we have moisturizing soap – Olay, we think we need a fragrance soap, so that’s where Camay comes in. We also want to introduce Camay to the younger generation and this is the perfect time.”

He also leave us thinking about who will be the Next Generation Camay endorsers! “Who will be the next face of Camay? Watch out! I’m not gonna say!” Mr. Navales said. But he said if you have suggestions or idea of who it might be tweet @CamayPH #NewCamayGirl. Keep the guesses going!

I know you are excited and raid your favorite beauty store to get your hands on the new Camay but you will just have to wait for a few weeks more as the new Camay will not be available until January 1, 2013!

Camay is back!

Camay Beauty Bar Soap will come out with suggested retail price of Php14.00 (55g) and Php25.00 (80g) while the Camay Body Was will be sold at Php70.00 (200ml bottle) . That’s very affodable!

How about you, do you have any memories about Camay?

Oh, here’s some photos I have with the celebs at the Camay sneak preview:

With P&G Beauty Ambassador Daphne Osena-Paez

With Ms. World-Philippines Gwen Ruias and Mr. World-Philippines Andrew Wolf

With Tim Yap

with Ms. Sabrina Artadi
With former beauty Queen and Camay Girl Ms. Sabrina Artadi
I definitely enjoyed the event , the protools at guitar center and I bet I will enjoy using the new Camay beauty bars! I’m glad to have first dibs! Will tell you more about them some other time. Thanks P&G Beauty and Campaigns for having me at your event.

Camay Beaty Bar & Camay Body Wash
Stay gorgeous everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Camay Beauty Bar Relaunch In Manila

  1. oh dear.. i remember camay nung maliit pa ako, eto ang sabon na laging pinapadala ng papa ko galing saudi, promise super bango nya.. but still i havent seen this sa market =(

  2. Camay! It does remind me of the olden days. My lola would always insist I use Camay. 🙂

    Glad to know it’s back.

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