The Fairy Hobmother Sprinkled Some Magic My Way

“You’ve really done a fantastic job with it. I’m supposed to be moving away from the Philippines to give some other countries a chance, but I just could not resist the opportunity to send you a gift!!” – Fairy Hobmother


That’s part of the email he sent me last night when he paid my blog a visit. I delighted to read the email as I have heard so many good things about this real life fairy on the blogosphere. If you don’t know, The Fairy Hobmother visits blogs from all over the world to spread some light and joy to the blog owner. He likes to send gifts like home appliances. But sometimes he likes to send shopping money so you can spend it any way you want. His visit was so timely too, because today is my birthday! Hooray!

If you want the Fairy Hobmother to pay your blog a visit as well, just leave a comment here and say anything you want to him that might catch his attention. Btw, the fairy is also on Twitter so you can check how busy he is and see what he’s been up to.

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. wow!
    this is nice hope that he would sprinkle some love on me…
    i’ve been wanting to get back into blogging but for some reason…when i went into hiatus this past holiday, i just can’t seem to get into blogging much as i tried to.
    My last review is just so different with my usual ones..

  2. Cool! Fairy Hobmother is so awesome! I hope she drops by my humble blogs… ^__^

    It would surely make me so giddy!!! ^__^

  3. Lucky you, congrats sis! You have a nice blog and worthy of Fairy Hobmother’s visit.

  4. Nice start for the new year, congratulations! I hope fairy hob mother will also find his way on my blogs. ^_^

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