Keep Up With The Fashionable Times With Veloci Watch Collection

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Keep Up With The Fashionable Times With Veloci Watch Collection

Last Tuesday, I was invited by Veloci watch for an informal meeting so they can hand me my very own Veloci Watch as their post-Christmas/ welcome the New Year gift to me.   I was not expecting much but I do know that Veloci is an  Italian watch brand know for their very classic time pieces that definitely gives an outfit that little spice it needed.

When I got to Starbucks Podium, our venue for the meet-up, I  was delightfully surprised to see a handful of blogger friends at the venue of the meeting as it was the first time that I saw them again for 2013!   Before I show you who was there let me talk about the watch first…

Upon arriving we were asked to pick a watch I want, any watch!.  That was a hard task to do as there are so many nice designs and colors.  Plus the fact that the Veloci Watch collection they made us choose came from the Voyager and Cruise collection, two designs that screams ‘modern vintage’ feel, something that is so in these days.   What made choosing harder was that each of the watch had three interchangeable straps, that will suit your mood or color scheme for a certain day.

This is the Cruise Collection



This is one of the color options for the Voyager Collection.  They said this collection are for men, but there are ladies who likes to wear men’s fashion too.  This particular color and style would look good on a man who likes to wear suits and tuxedos in a rugged way .


Here’s how some fo the color choices from the Cruise Collection looks like up-close

I assume you thought I got the pink watch! But sadly I did not because Kira Ramirez of Kirasworld got it first sigh haha! I got the red one an equally beautiful color that is also one of my favorite accent color. Plus the fact that Dani Barretto of Style is Eternal said the color suits me well.

So here we are proudly wearing our spanking brand new Veloci Watches!

Happy New Year with Veloci Watch @lush_angel @kirasworld @amazingjing @travelona
Happy New Year with my babies @danibarreto @tracyayson & Velocity Watch #watc #fashion #LTimeStudio #igersmanila #igers @amazingjing
I just love my new watch! You can get yours at any L-Time Studio, straps are made by Asprey

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Keep Up With The Fashionable Times With Veloci Watch Collection

  1. Wow! Great surprises!

    I love collecting watches! But now, most of them don’t have batteries, so I end up wearing the same watch everyday 🙂

    I love the interchangeable straps and the young appeal of the watch! 😉

  2. love the colour of your watch!! so sweet! Love all the photos! your so lucky to have one! xx

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