Fashion Accessories To Trend In 2013

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Fashion Accessories To Trend In 2013

2013 is the year of fresh, lively and cool colors an theme. Before hoarding a ton of accessories on your next shopping trip, stop for a moment and take a look at the upcoming fashion accessory pieces that will make waves this year. This is according to the research analysis of a group of fashion designers, fashion merchandisers, jewelry, shoes and bags manufacturer.  They said this is the year when Plastic and Snakes are fine to have around!

So, what are the type of fashion accessories that will trend in 2013? Here’s a preview!

Plastic and Acrylic Bangles, Necklaces & Rings


Time to put your platinum accessories for now because the plastic mania will take over this year. Reworks chains and gemstones, sugar sweet toned fashion jewelries. Accessories that are sprayed with the shades of mint, cherry and lemon will accentuate chunky statement jewelry this year, bringing back gelato blocked necklaces to the forefront.

Bag in Simplistic Bright and Bold Colors


Spring and summer is the theme these year, so everything bright, sunny and comfy will hit big this year. Sunlight colors on slouchy bags, snazzy clutches and petite purses capture the spirit of Spring/Summer 2013.

Bags in African Tribal and Geometrical Patern Print


This strong Tribal Trend from the Spring/Summer 2012 catwalk will still be around for Spring/Summer 2013. Mixing futuristic and modern shapes is the key to utilizing cubic variations in tribal style. Attention to pattern and embellishment features heavily within this trend.

Aquatic Snake Shoes


Being the year of the snake, snake fashion will definitely spike to the highest level. Serpentine style demonstrated in sky high platforms or simple kitten heels steal the show in this year.
With all I’ve mention, I could say that Plastic and Snakes (Serpentine Style) will be a plenty this year. Make sure to get the right hint of color tone and style that will suit your body type/figure and personality. Don’t be a fashion victim and just follow trends, wear what you want and wear it with pride. After all in the end it is how you wear it not what you wear.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I don’t really follow annual trends, but I’m loving the bold colors and the African tribal prints! 😀 I hope I can get my hands on some nicely-printed tops and bags~

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