A Happy Happy Valentine’s Tweet From Daniel Matsunaga

Shallow people are easiest to please. I’m one of those shallow ones. I appreciate every simple gestures and acts of kindness towards me and it makes me happy, a lot! With that said, I am one of the happiest person in the world today, just because Daniel Matsunaga, one of the Philippine’s hottest male actor/model/celebrity that everyone admires greeted me a Happy Happy Valentines :):*** (a smiley and kisses!)

I’m super mega kilig right now. (Honestly I don’t know the exact English translation of kilig but it is said that only women feel kilig, but it is nothing sexual or anything like that, it is some sort of a feeling of elation, an inexplicable ecstacy or happiness felt when something pleasantly surprising happens or if someone you have a crush on suddenly said he notices you, something like that!)

So yeah, when Daniel Matsunaga sent me a Tweet at 9:34PM of the eve of Valentine’s Day (February 13, 2013) I was so ultra mega kilig to the max!

I had to screencap it right-away before it disappears (just in case). Or just to have a proof that it did happened! It did!


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  1. Nakakakilig naman! happy for you 🙂

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