OOTD: Fleeting

We forget that life consists of small everyday experiences and it is what the happiness is made of. A walk in the park, a smile of your baby, a beautiful sunrise, unexpected compliment from a stranger…Those are the moments that count most. – Author Unknown

Living in the city keeps all of us occupied and always in a rush. Were always in a hurry to get things done right away and when we do we find something else to do. No breather, no time to slow things down and cherish every moment.


Because of that most of us experience stress way too often. We are all easily annoyed and angered all because were always in a hurry.


Life becomes so fleeting for all of us that we are always on the look out for what’s next and what’s to come never noticing whats here and now. When something good comes we don’t even realize it’s in front of us until it escapes us and we go on a search again.

Life is Fleeting

The next time you feel stressed, take a moment to sit down, relax and do nothing. Go to a park. Clear your mind and slow down. Meditate. That’s when you realize how blessed you are and that you should not be annoyed at little inconveniences. When someone, something annoys you, shove it off.


What I wore:
Longsleeves floral top: Promod
Shorts: Reborn
Spaghetti Top: Forever 21
Shoes: Nylite Tretorns
OOTD Shots by: Rachel Olea
Shot at: Ninoy Aquino Wild Life Park in Quezon City

BTS: Most of the shot except the one I was looking at the cam and posing was all stolen shots. These were all taken for the Nylite Tretorn campaign. I just found them now and realized haven’t posted them so here you go. I realized I take better pics when I’m not looking (stolen shots) than when I’m looking.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

P.S. Please hype my look! Thank you!

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