Sur Beach Boracay New Year Holiday Vacation

While doing my travel post index today, I realized that I haven’t posted about my Solo Trip in Hong Kong, the family Christmas in Hong Kong and the family New Year Vacation in Boracay. So to catch up with my travel log posts, I decided to post about our New Year Holiday trip in Boracay. A nice timing I think for the Chinese New Year haha!

The family welcomed 2010 New Year in Boracay. It was one of the first out-of-town trip with the whole family with just one family member missing, my dad who passed away in 2008. We stayed at Sur Beach at Station 1 where we witnessed the longest ever fireworks display to welcome the New Year.

We boarded a chartered plane via SeaAir


Hello Boracay!


Here’s the family in front of the hotel and we are very ready to have a tour at the island!


what else to do in Boracay but to Island Hop


Me with my big brother enjoying the boat ride!


Then we saw this buko vendor peddling his goods by the sea


We decided to call him over our boat, we were thirsty anyway!


Fresh Buko for Php10.00 only in Boracay!


Here’s some beautiful scenery from our Island Tour


My brother and sister also went snorkeling


After the boating we went for a stroll at the beach


While having a walk, I pick-up pieces of corals and shells that can spell out the name of the place we are in! Boracay!


I can spell Boracay with corals! Teehee!


We went asking around for the New Years Eve countdown dinner prices at the 5 star venues with nice table settings there but sadly, everything was fully booked! So we decided to shop for our Media Noche dinner at DMall! The popular shopping venue at Boracay!


Since everything was fully booked and well the resort we are checked in don’t have a New Years Eve dinner (boohoo!) We had the resort all by ourselves. We positioned the beach chairs in front of the shoreline where the fireworks is expected to happen. We are ready to see an amazing firework display!



While waiting we had drinks, beer and wine. That’s me with my nephew!


I think I had one too many to drink! Haha!


We partied the night away but was still glad to wake up for an early morning breakfast!


1st day of the year at the beach


With my big sister


Shopping for pasalubong!


That was one of the best New Year Celebration we have albeit my father missing in the photo. Ever since he passed away, the family stopped celebrating at home, it is just too sad for all of us. We miss him sorely. How we wished he was with us while we are having all this out-of-town and out-of-the-country trips but he is in a better place now where there is no pain or tears. The happy trip and all the luxury we do is just something to hide the pain of our loss. But in our hearts we wish hard that we want him to experience all of this too. BUt yeah he is in a much happier place. That is our consolation.

How about you, what is your family New Year tradition?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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