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3 Most Common Reasons for Car Accidents

Car accidents can happen for all sorts of reasons. From going too fast to not taking into account the weather conditions, there are many different factors that can result in misfortune on the road.

Indeed, some of the very best drivers can be caught out by the least predictable things. Sometimes years of good driving can be wiped away by a simple unfortunate mistake.

The most important thing for drivers is to maintain vigilance and to try to be aware of the pitfalls that may befall them. In the worst case scenario (a crash), it’s best to get in touch with a lawyer – for example you could call a car accident lawyer (in Atlanta). It’s better not to worry, but to keep in mind some of the road hazards that any driver may encounter.

Below we list 3 of the most common reasons for road traffic accidents.

Talking on the phone

Since mobile phones were introduced they have been a big problem in regards to road accidents. Although it wasn’t always illegal to talk on a telephone at the wheel, authorities quickly realised that its proliferation was resulting in a big increase in car accidents. Drivers would be far too distracted and would not focus entirely on the road. Nowadays driving whilst on your mobile phone is illegal in most countries but it does still happen!

Drowsy driving

Driving while sleepy or tired is a seriously underestimated cause of road traffic accidents. We’ve all been there – we’ve been visiting family or friends when it’s getting late and we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re not too tired to make the short journey. Nonetheless, such decision-making can result in serious accidents. Police report shows that one of the most frequently cited factors in late night crashes is that one of the drivers was drowsy or even asleep at the wheel.

When someone is on a long, straight stretch of road, it’s not always possible to maintain the focus and concentration that you need. This is a particular problem on motorways, with their long, gradually undulating turns and steady driving speeds.

Driving when stressed

Everyone knows about the dangers of driving when drunk or under the influence of drugs, but slightly less understood are the dangers of driving whilst stressed. Of course we all have to cope with a degree of stress in our day to day lives but when we are particularly het up we can begin to lose focus and concentration.

The stresses of the modern world can be difficult to navigate. Many people struggle to make ends meet, or work incredibly hard to advance in their career or to attain a good work life balance. Sometimes it’s hard to get a sense of perspective and recognise what is actually important. We can all be guilty of letting stress get the best of us.