Have you see these fab-ulous, Marc Jacobs Diet Coke cans and bottles! When I saw them, I can’t help but sulk in admiration and adoration! Haha! Yeah, that’s how fantastic they look. They are so much of a collectors item! Marc Jacobs is chosen as the new Creative Director of Diet Coke this year (2013) just in time for the Diet Coke’s 30th Anniversary campaign.

The I heart Diet Coke cans by Marc Jacobs hit UK shops last February 25, 2013 and they come in three gorgeous designs inspired by the 80s, 90s and 00s.

The I heart 80s can captures Marc’s love of theater, with the bright lights of Broadway and bow ties worked into the design of the can, and it also hints to the launch of Diet Coke back in 1982 at Radio City in New York. While I heart 90s Diet Coke can is all about music, fashion and art and Marc’s design includes his signature swallow motif and a woman wearing a stiletto and trilby. No Spice Girls plaforms or bright scrunchies here, this is sophisticated 90s fashion. Then last is the 00s design which is directly inspired by Marc’s Spring 2013 runway show, featuring his red polka dot motif. With monochrome and yellow and white stripes and coloured block heels this is the most fun design.

Sigh, I wish these cans and bottles get here in the Philippines! I want!

Marc Jacobs also did a campaign ad for these fabulous Diet Coke bottles and cans with Latvian model Ginta Lapina Photographed by St├ęphane Sednaoui, the cheeky ads feature Mr Jacobs holding a giant bottle opener while wearing his signature skort.

If I have any readers here from UK or US or Canada and have seen these bottles lurking in their stores, will you please buy me all of the designs! That will be 3 bottles and 3 cans. Pretty please! I will pay you up and own you one favor for it! Please!

Paging Coca-Cola Philippines! Please send me these gorgeous Diet Coke bottles and Cans. Pretty please? You know I love Coca-Cola look!

Stay gorgeous everyoe!


  1. Oh wow! These are really gorgeous!

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