Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up Manila Launch

Last Friday night, Aprl 12, 2013, I attended a really unique,fun and fabulous event at Cafe 1771 by Benefit Cosmetic Philippines  where they launched one of their  latest cosmetic product that will surely become one of their most coveted one to date.   What did they launch?   Fake Up!  A hydrating concealer that promises to banish dark under-eye circles and face blemishes!

Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up
The launch was super fun as Benefit Cosmetic Marketing Team and their beauty ambassador Alyanna Martinez had a small play to make introducing the product way much interesting than the usual. Alyanna as the professor, Donna as Frenchie, RJ as the detective and Paula as Ms.Hydration.

Benefit Cosmetics Philippines Fake Up Launch Event
Us, attendees, your favorite beauty bloggers even took part as the suspects who stole Fake Up!

Benefit Cosmetics Philippines Fake Up Launch Event
I love the cool demo on how fake up work using this bowl of water and that cute hydrated tissue.

Benefit Cosmetics Philippines Fake Up Launch Event
It was good toknow that Fake Up comes in three shades which gives everyone the option to get the hydrating concealer that matches their skin tone, perfect for the fairest skin (01) to the most sun-kissed morenas (03).

Benefit Cosmetics Philippines Fake Up Launch Event
Aside from Fake Up, Benefit Cosmetics Philippines also gave us a sneak preview of their upcoming products for and products with new packaging. Like the lipgloss, eye shadow in cream and powder form, Noelle fragrance, Stay Flawless, Fine One-One, High Beam, Oh La Lift etc. etc! Phew!

Benefit Cosmetics Philippines Fake Up Launch EventBenefit Cosmetics Philippines Fake Up Launch Event
After the event we all got to take home our very own Fake Up to try for ourselves and some other fabulous products like They’re Real Mascara, Pore Fessional, and Cha Cha Tint!

Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up, They're Real, Pore Fessional, Cha Cha Tint
How about you, what is your  favorite Benefit Cosmetic product?

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  1. Been hearing about this new Benefit product a lot lately! Excited to read your review and the other bloggers’ as well. By the way, the event’s theme was really cool ah! 😀

  2. i cant say whats my fave on benefit cosmetic because I dont own one! haha! though looking at this post and others posts about this fake up sounds interesting and amazing! xx

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