OOTD: An Epic Summer

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OOTD: An Epic Summer

While most kids are excited for Christmastime, I am excited about summertime. I just love immersing myself on sun, sea, sand and sweet summer sky! I don’t mind the heat and the brightness around me especially when I am in the beach!

I think, I have and am having my most epic summer this 2013. Since March 2013 started I’ve been to three summer outings already. First was a spur of the moment visit to Banana Beach in Davao when I was there for a “work” trip, then I was back again at my birthday beach Lingayen Beach in Pangasinan this Holy Week , then at Malayan Plaza Hotel for a staycation summer reunion with my best friends forever for more than 20 years already and there are upcoming summer trips in the next coming weeks! If you don’t call that epic I don’t know what it is!

This one piece swimsuit from SM Ladies Fashion brand Coco Cabana has been worn thrice already from all that three trips!

Epic Summer in One Piece

I like it because its not so skimpy or revealing, just enough skin that is comfortable for me. I also love the colors, very cool and summery. I have a confession to make — I don’t like black swimsuits.

Here’s me with my daughter and my best friends kids

Epic Summer in One PieceEpic Summer in One Piece
With my 16 year old godchild (inaanak) on the side of the pool, while daughter and my other godchildren are in the pool!

A shot of me and my daughter, its kinda hard to shoot her though!

Epic Summer in One PieceEpic Summer in One PieceEpic Summer in One Piece
Thanks best Rachel for being so patient with taking our photo! I love it!

Epic Summer in One Piece
With my BFFs!



and of course at the beach trip in Lingayen

Epic Summer in One Piece
Where I made my masterpiece sand castle!

Epic Summer in One Piece

My masterpiece #sandcastle #beach #sun #sea #sand
What I wore:  Coco Cabana One Piece Swimsuit and Shorts available at SM Ladies Fashion
Do planking on the sand!

Epic Summer in One Piece
Bask in the sunlight!

Epic Summer in One Piece
Epic Summer in One Piece
Oh yes, this is definitely my one epic summer!

Epic Summer in One Piece
How about you, how’s your summer doing so far?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I love the summertime too! I’m looking forward to visiting the beach near our house when I have the time because I miss basking in the sun. 🙂

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